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RecodeIT- fast and simple file converter that supports most popular extensions.
The procedure consists of converting 3 clicks:
  1. Load file to convert
  2. Select an extension what you need
  3. Download file
That’s all!


  • Work without database
  • Fast and easy installation
  • 25 variations of file conversion
  • Download the converted file in any directory
  • Work with all popular browsers
  • Supports mobile browsers
  • Tested on popular operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, IOS, Android.


You can see a demo version of this product!
To do this, simply go to this link: demo

Variations of file conversion

Supported file extensions :
  • doc: txt, docx, rtf, pdf, html;
  • docx: txt, doc, rtf, pdf, html;
  • rtf: doc, docx, txt, html, pdf;
  • xlsx: html, csv;
  • xls: html, csv;
  • gif: jpg, png;
  • jpg: gif, png;
  • jpeg: gif, png;
  • png: jpg, gif;
  • tga: jpg, png;
  • txt: csv;


If you have any questions or you do not understand something – please contact us using the contact form.
You can also ask questions in the comments!
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24.04.2013 - v1.4 Fixed bugs with spaces in the file name.
08.04.2013 - v1.3 Fixed errors when converting tga.
25.03.2013 - v1.2 Added new extension "txt", edit some functions.
13.03.2013 - v1.1 Added new extensions ".tga" and ".jpeg", fixed a bug with the                          uppercase extensions.
08.03.2013 - v1.0 Released