Reaction Time Game for iPhone

How fast are you?

Test out your reaction time with this easy to use iPhone application

The application is currently set up so that when the lights go from red to green, you must react to the green light by pressing the gas pedal in the shortest amount of time. Once the pedal has been pressed, your score appears on the screen. If you ‘jump the lights’, a message appears telling you that you have pressed the pedal too soon. These messages are all fully customisable and can be made to say almost anything.

Fully Customisable

  • You can customise almost everything within the app.
  • Easy to swap in your own images.
  • Within the programming code our detailed user notes will make it easy for you to find and alter the exact code you want within Xcode.
  • Images in PSD format ready to be edited with photoshop.
  • The images are pre-set to the exact size that is required to be submitted to the AppStore.

Documentation is included within the .ZIP file. We recommend reading this first.

The app contains 2 views

  • 1st page contains the main user screen with the reaction time tester.
  • 2nd page can be tailored to include information about the app etc.

We have a similar app to this within the AppStore and have made well over £3k from this simple app alone.

You could do the same! It’s so easy!

If you need any further assistance do not hesitate to contact us.