Quantum Framework is a powerful and lightweight CSS framework for responsive web designs. It’s goal is to provide more flexibility to designers and improve the front end development time. The framework comes in 12 and 16 columns with 130+ combinations of container and gutter sizes ranging from 300px (for smartphones) and up to 1872px for 1920px and wider screen resolutions.

Unlike most popular responsive CSS frameworks which have a fluid layout, Quantum Framework has fixed width layouts with each combination having fallback rules for smaller, intermediate resolutions than the design’s max container width.

The advantages of fixed width layouts over fluid ones are that they allow more control over the line length, flow and placement of the elements on the web page.

The framework is easy to use and it can fulfil the needs of every web project, in a much easier way. All it takes is just a few minutes to get a hang of it, and you will be ready to design some amazing websites.


  • It’s brilliantly flexible & amazingly customizable
  • It comes in 12 & 16 columns with multiple gutter versions for each container size
  • Easy to use, easy to learn
  • Clean, minimal, commented and documented code
  • Design from mobile first and up to 1920px screen resolutions
  • PSDs included for all combinations, offering unmatched design flexibility that allows designers to create websites with ease and efficiency.
  • Compatible with IE7-10, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera and Safari

Awesome support

Have a question? Feel free to get in touch via support forums. I am dedicated to making your experience pleasant and satisfying. Your suggestions can help me innovate and improve.