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Hello True Themes.. First thing first i wanna say what a great item you got here. I’m interested in using this item, but i want to ask first,

can i use this item for developing my theme and sell it back, like on envato?

Thank in advance for your response! Wish you luck..


Hi pixelhandstudios

Thanks so much for your kind words and interest in the ProPanel.

The answer to your question is Yes. ProPanl can be used in a wordpress theme for resale on Envato.

The only requirement is that the Extended License be purchased for this type of usage.

Thank you :)

Great Panel….

did this panel support for export or import the option?

thanks for your response


Thank you for the kind words! Import/export is not a built-in option.


If I purchase regular license now, may I upgrade to the extended version later down the road?


Hi There,

Thank you so much for your interest in the ProPanel.

The licensing is set by Envato/ThemeForest and something we’re unable to control. You might be interested in reaching out to Envato to see if it is indeed possible or if they might be able to make an exception for you. Their support site can be found here: http://support.envato.com/

Thank you :)

basyir Purchased

Hi, may I ask a question please. Is there any update for mobile responsiveness dashboard?


Hi, not at this time but we will definitely consider adding this on a future release.

Thank you :)

I would like to use this but the theme author of the theme I want to use it in says, “I don’t know this plugin and I don’t know if Skadi get an error because use another Framework ( Redux Framework )”.

Can you verify that this will or will not work with Skadi theme: http://themeforest.net/item/skadi-creative-retina-multipurpose-theme/6626141

I dont want to buy it just to find out if it will / will not work with this theme.


To reuse that panel / functionality I’m sure i would have to ‘know’ more than what I do about WP workings. With yours and your easy to do video walk-through that I’ve watched seems to be ideal. The panel that comes with the theme would be for me and the ‘design’ of the site. I’m looking to use your panel to get needed values from the client of the site for things that I add to the site. If you can understand the difference.

So, in a nutshell, do you think yours would work for what I described above?


Hi There,

Yes ProPanel will indeed work nicely with the theme. The functionality of ProPanel relies on standard PHP/Wordpress code so works perfectly with all themes.

Please feel free to let us know if any other questions.

Thank you :)


Ok, thanks.. purchasing now.

CKGuy Purchased

Hi There,

I know this may be a stretch to ask for, but I wonder if you might add a rich text editor to your plugin. I really love the simplicity of it, but I’m at a point where I’m going to need an editor.

Thanks for considering…


Hi my friend,

We’ve got quite a bit going on at the moment but we promise to consider this and possibly add in a future release.

Thanks so much

This looks like a great option for my Wordpress theme. For pre-sale I have watched the videos. It does not mention just how to use the drop downs or the Radio Buttons. Can the radio buttons be used for css DIV??? I would like to see the main reason they are all used for. I want to get this but not sure what those do…. Thanks



Thanks so much for your interest in the ProPanel!

Each of the 10 elements can be used for literally anything: div classes, true/false expressions, font names, etc etc etc.

Each of the elements (radio button, textfield, etc) has a “value” attached to it (which you assign) and that value is then used to do anything within the theme.

We’ve personally used Radio Buttons for “True/False” options. For example in one of our themes we have a JavaScript Slider and users can use the radio button to toggle the “Pause on hover” functionality.

We’ve also used the (Image) Radio buttons for google font selection.

So you see it can be used for literally anything required by the theme.

Hope this information is helpful.

Thank you :)

Hello, there

this is a very awesome script

i have seen a lot of requests about making this used with plugins

however i have successfully customized it and make it work inside plugin as wordpress plugin admin panel

i really would LOVE to share it with you guys i don’t know the way to share it with you world BUT if the item author want to get this and make it as update on this item

i would really love to share with him

Thank You.


Thank you so much my friend!

This is an amazing offer and we’d love to learn more about you’re great addition!

Please email us with more details: info [at] truethemes.net

Have a wonderful day! :)


Sure i will, just let me write few things to make it in a proper way !

Hi Love what we see. Pre-sales question – Would we be able to make this available to non admin users?

Hello, I am working on Karma theme for my client. I have created more shortcode on Insert shortcode:
and add more code correct on there:
I have question, function embedshortcode() call on interface.php call form your sever or call on my client theme?

Looking answer form you.

Regards, Lai

Hi Does your product allow for inserting option values into widgets or pages using shortcodes?

If i start with a regular license and later i can upgrade to extended license. How it works? difference between regular and extended I have to pay or full amount i have to pay for up gradations. regards,


One thing i want to add more while using extended license i can sell my product only on theme forest or other portal too. Kindly clarify it.

Hi, i have bye extended licence for developer…if i want to insert Fonts and select with my option have you created some code?



i have created, now work!

Hi, when i try to upload some image i see this error:

Upload Error: The file is empty. Upload something more substantial. This error may be because uploads have been disabled in php.ini or by the fact that in php.ini post_max_size was defined less than upload_max_filesize.

I upload correct image in posts and page, but here i see this error.


I have write incorrect input in sitename, now work this!