PrivateContent - Secure Links add-on

PrivateContent - Secure Links add-on - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Note: this is an add-on. You must have at least PrivateContent v3.0 to use it.

Until now with PrivateContent you could restrict entire areas of your website, but what about link to pages and files? With Secure Links add-on you can fulfill also this need!

You have just to copy your link, choose who will be able to access it. In a couple of seconds you will have a compact, anonymous and secure link to use in your private areas.

The new v1.1 comes with a new system made to improve again the security of the restricted contents.
Streams automatically the images, while forces the download of the other file extensions. The original link won’t never be revealed!

Care about the security of your files, set precisely who can access links. You can choose to make it for all the users, for one category or also for a single user!

Find fastly your secure links with the powerful built-in search engine the links manager. Having hundreds of links will never be a problem!

Finally, use secure links in your pages (posts, privatePages and also custom post types) is easy as click a button. The add-on adds a metabox under the WP editor with the links list, already filtered by category.

Walkthrough videos

To make this add-on easy for everyone there are videos explaining each step necessary to setup and use it:


See the changelog here