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PrivateContent it’s a simple and fast solution to power up your wordpress website by adding a multilevel login, private areas, user private pages and users management features. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any scripting knowledge!

News in 3.2 version

100% multilanguage – PrivateContent now is completely translatable both in front and back-end. Plus it is WPML tested.

1 click website lock – this new option will lock your website in seconds. Every page (except the one you select) will be hidden as well as the menu

Preset styles – the main style has been revised and two new added: dark and minimal. Finally, each one is also responsive!

Unlogged users restriction – One of the more requested features: finally you can show contents also just for unlogged users to create even more accurate systems

Improved restrictions – From now restricted posts/pages are excluded by any WordPress query, included archives and searches

News in 3.0 version

Import a large number of users at once, now you can do it simply uploading a CSV file, assign them to a categoy and choose if they’ll have a private page or not.

Extend restrictions to your custom taxonomies and custom post types. PrivateContent has never been so expandable!

Use a preset content in users private page to inform all your users easily. Just compose the text in the WP editor and choose if put it on top or at the end of the private pages.

From now you can use custom URLs for redirects and set a minimum WP role to manage PrivateContent.

Finally, with this version you can use the privatecontent-mail-actions-addon/3606728”>”Mail Actions” add-on!

News in 2.3 version

Registration form code has been improved for simplify customizations. Also the basic CSS has been improved to fit better in every page you want to place PrivateContent forms.

Finally, now you can choose a page where to redirect users after logout!
From this version you can use the User Data add-on!

News in 2.2 version

Use the plugin in your language using wordpress localization system. Create easily your own translations with POedit and add them into the plugin. Currently the translations are only available for the frontend.

Maximizes your time by setting a default content for the new users private page.
Choose if automatically enable the private page for new registered users.

Set a redirect page for users that log in or register into your website. Guide easily the new users through your pages.

News in 2.0 version

Turn entire areas of your website in privates. Just check an option managing categories, posts or pages and everyone that hasn’t the right permissions will be redirected to a default page.

Also, hide menù items by using the option integrated in the wordpress UI!

The new release comes with a form builder to let your users register into your website. Choose wich fields to use and which are required, enable or disable the reCAPTCHA validation, customize the confirmation message and finally use it in your pages with the new shortcode!

You can also choose if set the registered users as actives or put them in pending status.

Organize your users

Create unlimited lists of users, it’s simple like adding a post category. Add users and assign them to one or many categories.

Find and manage them fastly filtering by category or searching by name. Export the entire users list or just few categories in Excel or CSV format.

User private page

With PrivateContent every user has an own private page. Upload file, show galleries or texts. It’s like a normal wordpress page, but it’s visible only by one user! And if you don’t want to create a dedicated page for some users? It’s very easy: adding or managing users you cal also disable it!

Try the private page in the live preview

Protect your private contents

The plugin comes with an integrated shortcode wizard that allow you to hide private contents. It’s extremely simple and you can also hide more than one content for page or post.

You can also hide all the posts contents of one or more categories. PrivateContent add an option to the “Category” taxonomy that made it simple. Just select the users categories that can access the category posts content. Categories and archive excerpt will remain visible, but every single post content will be hidden to non-logged users.

The login methods

PrivateContent offers you 4 different ways to implement the login form into your wordpress theme.
  • a built-in widget with an integrated login form and logout box (see an example in the reserved area).
  • Login form and logout box shortcodes
  • An inline trigger to append at the messages (see the previous example)
  • API functions for the developers, to integrate it wherever in your theme
PrivateContent use an AJAX login form. Try it in the Live Preview!

Theme integration

By default PrivateContent is already styled to be used in your theme, but if you want to customize it? No problem, disable the default CSS from the settings and follow the CSS template, explained in the plugin documentation.


PrivateContent is also completely translatable. You will be able to localize just creating your .po file.

The frontend is already translated in 11 languages!
(Danish, German, Spanish, Persian, French, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish)

Walkthrough videos

To make the plugin easy for everyone there are videos explaining each step necessary to setup and use PrivateContent:

Plugin API

The plugin comes with API functions that allow webmasters to extend the power of this plugin to any part of a wordpress theme. Check if a user is logged, get his data, get the login form and the logout box: these are only examples of what you can do with the API.

The full API description is included in the documentation.

Plugin add-ons

Mail Actions
This add-on implements e-mails in every interaction with your users. An essential thing for large websites.
Plus it allows you to sync users with MailChimp, to manage easily newsletters.

Get Mail Actions add-on

User Data
User Data allow the creation of unlimited fields to use in unlimited forms. The main goal of this extension is to give you the means to built up an entire database and interact with your users

Get User Data add-on

Secure Links
Protect your links taking advantage of the PrivateContent systems. Create secure links accessible by a category or a single user

Get Secure Links add-on


Please note that PrivateContent users are completely apart from WP ones. They have an own login form and WP users cannot log through it.


See the changelog here