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  • - Home page popup
  • - Products page popup (possible to add different popups for each product, or the same for all)
  • - Category page popup (possible to add different popups for each category)
  • - Custom page popup with custom hook(add this popup in any page you want)
  • - 9 different content types (html, youtube, vimeo, google maps, facebook like box, Newsletter Subscription, Login form, Registration form, Login and Registration Forms)
  • - 5 different animation effects
  • - Possible to change popup width and height
  • - Possible to display popup every time page refreshed or you can put time how often to display it
  • - Display popup with delay
  • - Set start and end days for popups
  • - Set time for popup autoclose
  • - Facebook Connect (Add wherever you want)
  • - Twitter Connect (Add wherever you want)
  • - ...


version 2.5
 - NEW: Added Login form.
 - NEW: Added Register form.
 - NEW: Added Facebook connect.
 - NEW: Added Twitter connect.

version 2.4.2
 - NEW: Added responsiveness.

version 2.4.1
 - Fixed bug: Product page facebook like box url was linked to home page.
 - NEW: Send Email generated voucher code.

version 2.4
 - NEW: Backoffice improvements.
 - NEW: Newsletter Subscription with coupon.

version 2.3
 - NEW: Added full support for PrestaShop 1.6.
 - NEW: Added 5 different animation effects.

version 2.2
 - NEW: Start and end days for popups.
 - NEW: Display popups with delay.
 - NEW: Set time for popups autoclose.
 - NEW: PrestaShop 1.6 compatibility for home page popup.

version 2.1.1
 - Fixed bug: When saving data in product page

version 2.1
  - Added category page popup

version 2.0
  - Fixed bug when adding only image.
  - Added custom popup with custom hook.
  - Added feature for adding different popups for each product.
  - Added 5 different content types (html, youtube, vimeo, google maps, facebook like box).

version 1.0
  - initial release
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