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Version 5.0 features and changes

  1. Gallery manager now uses wordpress 3.5 media manager, which gives you ability to upload and add multiple images at once. Windows user can use shift or control key as usual to select multiple images and MAC users can use command key.
  2. Multiple uploader has been removed due to security and memory issues , all image adding and uploading is handled by wordpress 3.5 api. It add memory efficiency and management.
  3. Major gallery options that were globally set in options panels , are not available as options in galleries.
  4. Performance increase upto 3 times.
  5. Size of plugin has been reduces to mere 600 kb.
  6. Special settings has been added in options for responsive view. You can set height for mobiles and tablets from options panel. Width will be automatically reduced with respect to parent container.
  7. Most demanded featured, ability to add html in description is now available, you can add html now.
  8. Backend speed has been increased by 2 times.
  9. The multiple upload will work only on 3.5 and above, for older versions default wordpress media uploader will be active.

Create galleries with just a few clicks, as many as you need, in any size you need and this together with it’s custom option panel and gallery submission panel you don’t need anything else anymore.

The wallpapers inside the gallery are just for demo purpose and are not included inside the download package, thanks to Abduzeedo for giving us permission for it.


A gallery can be set within 5 minutes and your able to insert in any page or post you want with a inbuilt shortcode generator.


With an great looking and useful interface your able to drag your images around and delete the ones you don’t need anymore.


Then there’s a nice option from where your able to insert your gallery shorted with just one click.



  • Supports multiple uploads in backend, very easy to use.
  • Smart crop option to show crop image in gallery or full image.
  • Lightbox enabled.
  • Full screen slideshow.
  • 5 effects transition effects available.
  • 5 styles available.
  • Embed galleries via short-codes through WP editor.
  • Create unlimited galleries with their own dimensions and settings.
  • Drag en drop your uploaded images.
  • Delete unwanted images with one click


  • Upload the premium-gallery plugin folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin from the WordPress backend
  • That’s it. Read the docs for full installation guidance.


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