Power Tour - Powerfull creative jQuery tour plugin

Power Tour - Powerfull creative jQuery tour plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Issues with the demo fixed!!

Power Tour is a powerfull creative jQuery tour plugin, which can be used as a tour, helpers, guides or tooltips. The plugin is pretty powerfull and has a lot of options which gives you the power to build a very cool tour.
Use the power tour plugin for your website, products, applications, landing pages or something else.

Yes you can use HTML like forms, images, videos and more in the tour

Include FREE tour builder form

The builder form is a pretty easy to use form, which allows you to build a tour very quickly, also there’s no change on typo errors(dont you like them). Preview can be found in the screenshots section(button next to the live preview)


Update v1.7 - December 19, 2013
Fixed: issue with keyboard events and non-existing steps.
Added: new option called 'animatedOnEnd' which allows you to stay at the last hook 
       or animate back to the top once the tour is done. 
Update v1.6 - November 17, 2013
Fixed: exit url param. 
Update v1.5 - September 8, 2013
Fixed: typos in the builder. 
Fixed: the 'runOnload' option, it will now run if set to true.
Update v1.4 - August 8, 2013
Update: Bug fixes.
Added: a new method called 'destroy', this will remove the tour from the page. 
Update: Code improvements.
Update v1.3 - June 15, 2013
Added: a new hook/callback to every step called 'onHideStep'.
Fixed: a little bug that let you fire hooks/callbacks after the tour has ended.
Updated: the jQuery core to work with 1.9.x, 1.10.X and 2.0.2(not fully tested yet)
Update v1.2 - November 15, 2012
Fixed: issue with the exit url, now it will exit once the tour is done.
Fixed: issue with the onFinish callback function.
Updated: jQuery core 1.8.2 -> 1.8.3
Update v1.1 - October 15, 2012
Added: exit url, so you can continue the tour on other pages.
Added: an run on page load option, start the tour directly.


  • 4 tour types
    • auto: every step has there own time options
    • step: use button or keyboard navgation to go to the next/prev step
    • showAll: show all steps with a click of a button
    • tooltip: hover a hook to see the step(tooltip)
  • 21 step postions
    • Choose between 12 hook related positions
    • Choose between 9 screen related positions
    • Use offset values to adjust the positions if neede
    • Hide the arrow if needed
  • Images free designs
    • The steps are made with pure CSS, so you dont have to use photoshop to change something
  • Set your own style
    • Every step can have there own styling
  • Add custom classes
    • Every step can have a custom class(mostly used for styling)
    • Every hook can have a custom class(applied on show)
  • Highlight
    • Highlight the tour(step and hook)
    • Highhlight extra elements
  • Timer and time controls
    • Show a control panel(play, pause next, prev and stop)
    • Show a dynamic timer(end time)
    • Choose the button order of the control panel
  • 5 callback functions
    • Run callback upon start of the tour
    • Run callback upon completion of the tour
    • Run callback when you cancel the tour
    • Run callback when you hit the stop button
    • Run callback upon every new step
  • Run the tour on several pages
    • you can start the tour on one page and continue on other pages
    • the exit url can contain extra parameters
  • Start the tour up on page load
  • Use HTML in the steps
  • and much more(go and visit the demo)

Free updates for life

All of our files come with free for life updates, so you dont have to pay for an update. All of the updates are logged so that you can see what has been changed, added or remove, this way you dont have to worry about your modified files.


Super hero by http://vectorcharacters.net/

Notice: at the moment the plugin only support one tour per page, we will change this in the future.