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Any chance of a wordpress plugin?

We are working on a WP plugin but I can;t give you an release date atm.

You have been saying that for a year. If no plugin is coming soon can we have some in depth instructions on how to add the jQuery plugin to WordPress? The documentation is way too tech for me at the moment!

Thats thrue, but we are working on the WP version so it will come.

We have included an stripped down theme with a working tour as an example on how to add the javascript version in WP. To be honest, adding this script to a static html file or a WP theme is almost the same.

Any example of multiple page tour?

Yes we are building several examples for the next release, if you send us a email thrue our profile page we can send you this example.

Email sent! ;)

I am trying to use the script in WordPress admin dashboard and I was able to solve all my previous issues but now the script is conflicting with one of my other script. There are no errors so it is a little hard to debug. I am little short on time so if you can help me out quickly then I will be really happy.

Which kind of issue do you have?

Please notice that it is weekend therefor we cant give much support.

New email sent! Please check and reply quickly please.

If Wordpress plugin is going to be delayed, can you please document the steps to use the plugin directly with Wordpress theme?


We have included a stripped down theme(default wp theme) with a working tour, this should help you on how to add the tour to a wordpress theme inside the example folder which is included in the zip.

Can you build this for wordpress please :)

Hi all, Has anybody succeeded in making the plugin working with wordpress? I have tried it for several hours now and it is still not working. I have checked that all of the ‘js’ and ‘css’ code is well included in my page but when I click on the trigger link, nothing happens. :( Thanks!

OK, finally made it working on Wordpress.

Hi i asked for a support apx. 5 days ago. Just wondered you got my message? Thank you..

Hello, all emails should be answerd, but i will check this again once im at the office tomorrow.

hi ! I’m interested in your plugin but does it work on the jQuery 1.11.1 ?

Yes the plugin works with version 1.11.1. Current version used of is 1.11.3

Hi, i am getting this Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘top’ of undefined in my console, any clue what happen to this message? TQ

This is an typo, you should check you data as it can’t find the element.

Which element he cannot find? Cause i just copy and paste your code without making any changes.


Can you send us thrue our contact form the code that you have copied?

Responsive, how can i make this responsive in mobile version?

Hi, i replace the file with your version, but it is still not responsive, what can i do now? TQ

Email sent :-)