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Thanks CreativeMilk for all your great help so far.

However, now one more issue -

I want to highlight a block of text – yet its totally black once I the step highlights it.

Is this a bug? I’ve done a hookTo like this ”.content_header_title h2”

Here is a screenshot. http://content.screencast.com/users/digital_soul18/folders/Jing/media/7f949d10-1f1d-459b-b2d4-5c52445acbed/00000143.png

Ok ignore that – I achieved it by adding
$('.content_header_title h2').css('background-color', '#ffffff')
to the
onShowStep      : function(ui){  
$('.content_header_title h2').css('background-color', '#ffffff')
now its AWESOME! :)

In the version 2.4.0, there is an issue when having only one tour that probably show a bug when more than one tour:

When only one tour is set, this appear:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'startWith' of undefined

It seems to come from line 1337 and the line before in the JS:

var tourVar = (tourVar == 0) ? 1 : tourVar; var st = self.o.tours[tourVar].startWith;

An array always start at index 0, so this would result in:

  • If one tour, to not be able to find the right start
  • If more than one tour, to select the wrong “startWith” value.

It is also the case at line 1100 / 1134 / 1150, in fact, everywhere the ID is used.


I see the small issue, and we have fixed this, so we will update the files ASAP!

Thanks for your message! :-)

Dioplr Purchased


I am looking to buy your plugin but I have one question. Is it a way to start automatically the tour, the first time the users comes in the website and manually the following times (based on cookie or user login)?

Thanks in advance,



Yes, you can trigger a tour in a couple of ways, 1 of them is automatic, if you combine this with a cookie/db/local storage you can allow to run(automatic) the tour just once per user. See docs/extend for more about this

Hey CodeCanyon,

I want to hook to one CSS ID but to highlight two CSS ID’s because they are related. How can I achieve this?

For example – a step is has a HookTo on one element but the highlight spans over two elements.


5 minutes later I find the answer:


Thanks anyway

Hi there, would this work on any website like, joomla(all verisons) and simple html websites? if so, do I need to have coding skills? Please brief Regards Pal


The plugin will work on all site, but you have to have access to the source code. You need some skills to understand the basics of coding, if you do have this than the plugin will be pretty easy to use.


thanks for the prompt answer