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Yes it’s here, version 2. NOW AVAILABLE!

It’s bigger(not in size) badder, bolder…..it’s massive!


Power Tour is a powerfull creative jQuery tour plugin, which can be used as a tour, helpers, guides or tooltips. The plugin is pretty powerfull and has a lot of options which gives you the power to build a very cool tour.
Use the power tour plugin for your website, products, applications, landing pages or something else.

Yes you can use HTML like forms, images, videos and more in the tour

Include FREE tour builder tool

The builder tool is a pretty easy to use form, which allows you to build a tour very quickly. This saves you a lot of time!

Builder tool can be found here!

Features overview

  • 9 Navigation actions
    Control the tour(s) with actions like: play, next, stop, goto and more…
  • Loop the tour
    Each tour can be looped, so once it’s reached the last step it will go back to the first step.
  • Vertical & horizontal websites
    Choose between vertical and horizontal websites support.
  • Works with CSS frameworks
    The plugin works with CSS frameworks like Bootstrap.
  • Keyboard navigation
    Use your keyboard to easily navigate through the tour.
  • Default step options
    Every single step can use custom or default settings.
  • Multiple tours on a page
    Setup multiple tours on a page. Every tour/step has there own settings.
  • Manual or automated tours
    Set a end time for a step or go to the next step with a click of a button.
  • Continue on a different page
    Direct users to a different page to continue the tour.
  • Custom styling
    Every step can be styled differently. Styling is done by CSS.
  • Validate a step
    The plugin provided a method to validate every single step.
  • Several callback functions
    Extend the plugin with the several callback functions.
  • Powerfull plugin options
    The plugin come’s with a lot of powerfull options and settings.
  • 21 Different step positions
    Every step has it’s own position. And every position can be adjusted
  • Any kind of content
    Use static or dynamic content, a form or a video, php or javascript.
  • CSS3 animatations
    More that 70+ CSS3 animations are available (in and out fx).
  • Highlight step & hook
    Every hook and step can be highlighted. This put’s more focus on the hook & step.
  • Run on page load
    You can run(by method or url) a tour if the pages gets loaded.
    All css files are included as: .css .less(LESS) & .scss(SASS)

Available Positions



Update v2.1.2 - September 15, 2014
Fixed: issue with starting a new tour when a tour is already running.

Update v2.1.1 - September 12, 2014
Fixed: issue with the 'run' method.
Fixed: issue with the 'destroy' method.
Removed: a line of code from the demo file(used for testing).
Update v2.1.0 - August 27, 2014
Added: new method which allows you to programmatically access 
       the navigation buttons.
Added: LESS files.
Added: SASS files.
Removed: a line of code for the demo file(used for testing).
Update v2.0.3 - August 06, 2014
Fixed: potential issue with the highlight option(highlight class is not 
       removed correctly).
Update v2.0.2 - August 06, 2014
Fixed: 'width', 'offsetY' and 'offsetX' options, these options can now be 
       empty(use default values instead).
Update v2.0.1 - July 15, 2014
Fixed: typo in the builder, the options 'highlight' & 'keepHighlighted' are now 
Updated: the docs, all speed and delay options are now mentioned as millisecond 
Update v2.0.0 - July 11, 2014
Updated: The whole plugin has been rebuild, we've added new feautures, 
         removed the bloat and made it faster. See the website for more details.
Update v1.7 - December 19, 2013
Fixed: issue with keyboard events and non-existing steps.
Added: new option called 'animatedOnEnd' which allows you to stay at the last hook 
       or animate back to the top once the tour is done. 
Update v1.6 - November 17, 2013
Fixed: exit url param. 
Update v1.5 - September 8, 2013
Fixed: typos in the builder. 
Fixed: the 'runOnload' option, it will now run if set to true.
Update v1.4 - August 8, 2013
Update: Bug fixes.
Added: a new method called 'destroy', this will remove the tour from the page. 
Update: Code improvements.
Update v1.3 - June 15, 2013
Added: a new hook/callback to every step called 'onHideStep'.
Fixed: a little bug that let you fire hooks/callbacks after the tour has ended.
Updated: the jQuery core to work with 1.9.x, 1.10.X and 2.0.2(not fully tested yet)
Update v1.2 - November 15, 2012
Fixed: issue with the exit url, now it will exit once the tour is done.
Fixed: issue with the onFinish callback function.
Updated: jQuery core 1.8.2 -> 1.8.3
Update v1.1 - October 15, 2012
Added: exit url, so you can continue the tour on other pages.
Added: an run on page load option, start the tour directly.

Quality control

This theme is tested on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows phone, OSX, IOS, Android and Blackberry OS. On desktop, laptop, tablets(Android, iPad and Playbook) and mobile phone(Windows phone, iPhone and Android). With Internet Explore, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and native browsers.

Free updates for life

All of our files come with free for life updates, so you dont have to pay for an update. All of the updates are logged so that you can see what has been changed, added or remove, this way you dont have to worry about your modified files.

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