Platinum3D Content Animator - HTML5 Responsive

Real HTML5 3D Engine for Wordpress!

The revolution has been arrived, you can now turn your website HTML elements to 3D. Included more than 50 predefined animations and more than 650 Google Fonts to customize your own styles.

Creating Animations Has Never Been Easier!

Responsive, mobile touch-friendly, HTML5 animations

You can choose click or hover event. The ajax based Content Animator produces responsive and non-responsive output. It’s your choice, which one you want to use. If you not specify width and height, the element automatically fit to the parent element.

Ajax Based Animation Editor with Live Preview

You can fully customize your own custom styles with a detailed Animation Editor. You can choose from more than 50 animations, more than 650 font styles and a lot of options.

Compatible with all major browsers

Platinum3D Content Animator tested on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome and Safari. Animations using the newest HTML5 standards. You can find more than 50 transition-style animations (sliding, fading, flipping and more effects) in the Animation Editor and you can try it with the Live Preview windows without save the custom style.

Unlimited usability, everything depends on your fantasy

You can create for example animated, Google Map supported Contact Us block, fancy gallery with sliding effect, product info box with flip animation (to display additional information about the item), book-styled testimonials section with auto-open effect and whatever you like! It is really just up to you!

More Animation Options, More Efficiency

With the new update, it is possible to start the animations automatically on your Wordpress page. You can set the time to start the animations after the page is loaded and also possible to specify the number of repeats. If you set number one, the animations will run once. This can be useful with a book-styled effect, because you can open the “book” with this option. Without this setting, the elements will be animated continuously. (useful for logo or similar) Currently supported HTML elements are:
  • <img>
  • <div>
  • <p>
  • <iframe> (on the back side with onclick animation)
  • <a>


  • turn HTML elements to 3D
  • works on all major browers
  • more than 50 animations
  • auto-start animation (adjustable time: data-autocontent=”3” mean repeat the animation in every 3sec)
  • auto-loop animation feature (set the number of repeated animations, data-autoloop=”1” will open once, data-autoloop=”2” will open and close, if not specify, it will be repeated continuously)
  • simple usage, just add data-content attribute to the supported elements and the element will turn to 3D immediately
  • included more than 650 Google Fonts
  • ajax based admin with live preview
  • save, edit, delete custom styles
  • add shadows to the front, member or the back sides
  • you can set the animation speed for each element separated
  • ability to align the content to the left, center, right and the top, middle, bottom of the area
  • unlimited usability, everything is depends on your fantasy, create gallery, testimonials, download box, product info box, logo animation, contact info with google maps, etc.
  • produce reponsive and non-responsive output
  • predefined demo style with full features and more different presaved custom styles
  • separated back, front and member view, you can create different content for registrated users
  • you can set background color, font color, font size, custom HTML, vertical- and horizontal align on admin
  • copy the output as shortcode, the plugin automatically recognize and convert to valid HTML element
  • convert the template elements to 3D , if you add data-contentstyle=”mystylename” attribute to the element of your template, that will also works
  • lightweight javascript
  • full HTML5 animations
  • responsive elements automatically fit to the parent element and resize itself when the window size has been changed
  • lot of options to use the custom styles (with or without content, set only the font family, set only the font-size, etc.)
  • ability to start animation with onclick and close when click on anywhere (multiple close works as well)
  • usable html elements in data-content attribute, like data-content=”[br]text[br]”
  • option to create completely different style for member and non-member users (content can be different as well)
  • turn to member view with one click on admin
  • HTML5 RGB color picker on admin to choose the font colors, background colors or shadow colors
  • dynamic style creating with or without content
  • back and member sides automatically resized to the front side

Simple Usage

Upload an image to any page or post then select the Text tab on the default Content Editor (or select the source view if you use any other editor). Find the uploaded image and extend:
Original: <img src=”uploaded_image.jpg”>
Extended: <img data-content=”simple example” src=”uploaded_image.jpg”>
Publish the content and view the front-end page. It is already turned to 3D animation.


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Platinum3D Content Animator for Wordpress 1.1
  • added data-animation, now you can easily specify the animation type without making new style
  • fixed colorpicker
  • updated documentation

Platinum3D Content Animator for Wordpress 1.01

  • added auto-start animation feature (adjustable time: data-autocontent=”3” mean repeat the animation in every 3sec)
  • added auto-loop animation feature (possible to set the number of repeated animations, data-autoloop=”1” will open once, data-autoloop=”2” will open and close, if not specify, it will be repeated infinitely)
  • replaced jQuery 1.9.1 to 1.8.3 to avoid conflicts with deprecated functions (other plugins, templates)
  • removed border from the back side (it can be set back via template css or the plugin css)
  • decreased margin size
  • modified onclick event, don’t close when click on input (for better usability, eg. forms, etc.)

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