Ping Installer 1.0 - Web App Installer and Wizard


Ping Installer is a simple web installer which can help you to think only at your app. Don’t waste your time on thinking about the web installer coding, Ping will do this, easily. There are only three installation steps and configuring it is really simple: just modify it as explained in the quick start guide inside the package and put your installation method into two other Ping’s methods. All done and you’re ready to publish your web app. Ping Installer is fast and very light and uses angularjs to manage installation steps. Moreover, you can style it by using bootstrap if you want. In this way you can easily customize your web app installer.


  • Checks if folder is writeable
  • Checks minimum PHP version requirements
  • Checks if PDO or cURL are available, if you need them
  • Put your installation code directly in Ping Installer installation method
  • Simple 3-Step installation

Who This Is For

People who want a simple web installer skeleton and to make the installation process easy for non-technical users.

What Comes In The Package

  • Main files for Ping (js, css and php files)
  • bootstrap.css and angularjs are already included
  • quick start guide

Other Details

In the package is already included a quick start guide to allow you how to use Ping properly with your web app. I accept feedbacks from all of you in order to improve this first release of Ping.