Pics Mash Image Rating Tool

Pics Mash Image Rating Tool

The Pics Mash Image Rating tool is now even more epic than ever. You can read about the v3.0 major release features on the Pics Mash Blog, but a sneak peak at one of the new features is:

Facemash for WordPress plugin

  • Facemash image rating WordPress plugin “Pics Mash”
  • Find out which media image on your WordPress website is the best
  • Instantly recognisable by millions of people
  • Featured in the hit movie The Social Network
  • Engage your website visitors with your website images
  • 10x more pageviews
  • Uses the Elo rating system to rate images

Find out which image is best

Do you often wonder which images on your WordPress website give the biggest wow to your visitors? Through this plugin you can find out!!

Improve Social Sharing and engagement

v2.0 of the plugin brings with it a lot of new features described below. The biggest of these is the ability to view each image in the Pics Mash game and comment, share and tweet it. This helps engage your website users even more to your photos!

WordPress comments

Don’t fancy having Facebook comments on your site? The plugin works just as well with standard WordPress commenting systems. The choice is yours.

Allow your users to add images to your Pics Mash

Let your website users create their very own Pics Mash competitions. Increase the number of sign ups to your site by asking for users to be registered with you before they can add images to your Pics Mash.

Using the shortcode [picsmash author = ‘1’] and [toprated author = ‘1’] will display the images uploaded by user ID = 1 in their own Pics Mash game. Gives you the ability to allow your users to create their very own Pics Mash games!!

You can display user specfic pics mash games through the use of custom page templates and coding like:

global $current_user;
$pid = $current_user->ID;
echo do_shortcode(["picsmash author = '$pid'"]);

What is Facemash? is one of the first websites which Mark Zuckerberg (the founder of Facebook) created. This WordPress plugin reproduces a similar effect to how Mark created the facemash website.

”...the initial site generated 450 visitors and 22,000 photo-views in its first four hours online…” – Source Wikipedia

Now you can bring the same power and engagement to your own WordPress website!!! With this plugin it is really easy to add powerful image rating functionality to your site.

How does the Plugin work?

The plugin takes all the images from your WordPress media library and uses them to populate a new area of your website to store the votes and ratings of each image. You can decide which images to include or exclude by reviewing the entries in the Pics Mash area of the WordPress admin panel.

Create a Photo rating specific area of your website

The plugin uses the new features of WordPress to create a custom post type for the images involved in the Pics Mash rating tool. All the information needed (image location, ratings, votes) are saved in custom post fields that are easily extracted to be displayed on a custom page template if you so wish. With picsmash it’s easy. The plugin works seamlessly with popular Social Gallery plugins. Why stop at just increasing user engagement through ratings and votes? With a combination of this plugin and Social Gallery plugin, you can boost user engagement 100x!!!!

From v1.1 Pics Mash now allows you to automatically include your images from your NextGen galleries in the image rating tool. Facemash your favourite gallery photos.

  • Over 5 Million users of NextGen
  • Easily upload new pictures for your site and include them in Pics Mash

What our users are saying

  • This is a cool plugin. I now have picsmash working on my site – good work
  • Love it – my pageviews have increased overnight! excellent

Try before you BUY

Still not sure if this plugin is for you? Try before you buy and check out the basic free version from Check out the full feature comparison here. The free version does not come with any author support and it does not have many of the features of this PRO edition.

Need Support?

Support forums for all my plugins have now been officially opened. You can sign up and post support requests on the forums. These forums will be answered before any emails or any comments so please do Visit our Support Forums

version 5.01

  • Updated to use the v3.5+ media manager
  • Small bug fixes on various admin areas
  • Stable release
  • Version 4.1 released 16 June 2013

    • Fixes small manual upload bug caused by 3.5.1 WordPress

    All updates are provided via the WordPress admin dashboard.

    Version 3.0 released14 Jan 2013

    • Improved the admin panel making it even easier to manage your pics mash
    • Added automatic update capability – all from the WordPress manage plugin page
    • Never miss another update – installing v3.0+ will check daily for updates
    • Automatic download and install of a new update – just like a plugin
    • Support for the AJAX add on
    • Full feature comparision here

    Version 2.4 released 9 Jan 2013

    Some major bug fixes and some minor tweaks
    • Fixed a bug where users were unable to insert an image into a normal page or post
    • Fixed a bug where images were getting added twice due to an oddity with a WordPress function
    • Fixed version 3.5 warnings on the front end AND the admin side

    Version 2.0 released 2 November 2012

    MAJOR upgrade

    • Display Pics Mash rating competitions filtered by categories/author/gallery – using custom taxonomies to keep separate from main site categories
    • tag your images with keywords
    • Allow logged in users to upload images to your pics mash rating games from the front end – discover new content and increase user engagement
    • Give your users something to come back to your site for – they will want to check how their images are doing compared to others
    • Each image gets its own custom page with stats (rating,wins,losses); optional social share features (FB like, tweet, Pin it,Google +1 it); and optional discussions systems included (WordPress or Facebook)
    • Increase user interaction on each image in the Pics Mash, gain 10x more shares, tweets and increase user engagement – drive more traffic to your site through social channels.
    • Integrates seamlessly with Social Gallery image viewer – boost engagement even more.

    Version 1.1 released 27 October 2012

    New features

    • NextGEN gallery support – Automatically import your NextGEN gallery images
    • Settings page – Display scores? (yes/no)
    • Manually upload photos to the Pics Mash
    • Manually add external image URLs in the Pics Mash
    • Now displays wins and losses rather than votes
    • Enhanced image display

    Version 1.0 released 21 October 2012

    • Core coding
    • Simple interface