PHP Weather Forecast

PHP Weather Forecast

PHP Weather Script it’s a website script which displays the weather details for the visitors (if they can be detected, otherwise a default option will be shown), also allows them to search for certain locations and even save them to see it at a glance.

Important Note: Google Weather API has been deprecated and no longer exist, the script uses now a more advanced Weather API from MSN with data provided by Foreca.

  • User Location Recognition.
  • Both °C and °F format.
  • Dynamic backgrounds (between certain temperatures).
  • User can save 5 locations which can then be viewed in the User Account
  • Forecast for the next 3 days.
  • Info taken via MSN (Foreca) Weather API.
  • Cross Browser Compatible.
  • The visitor location is taken from the MaxMind Geo City Lite database, if the location of a visitor can’t be retrieved, then a default location will be shown (The Admin can set the default Location), the current temperature and the forecast are retrieved via the Google Weather API.


    Admin Interface:
    User: admin

    User Interface:

    User: demo
    Password: demo


    Update 1.6 [8/30/2015]
  • Added the city searched within the title tag
  • Update 1.5 [7/14/2015]
  • Improved the way the degrees format is changing (now it remembers the current location)
  • Update 1.4 [4/14/2015]
  • Migrated to OpenWeatherMap API (old API is deprecated)
  • Added new icons
  • Added the ability to remove a favorite city from your account
  • Other improvements
  • Update 1.3 [3/19/2015]
  • Added sub-folder installation support
  • Migration from MySQL (deprecated in higher PHP versions) to MySQLi
  • Minor improvements to the admin interface and internal files
  • Update 1.2 [12/12/2014]
  • Updated the API requests
  • Update 1.1 [8/29/2012].
    Migrating the script to MSN API with data provided by Foreca due to the deprecation of Google Weather API.
    Fixed some bugs when switching between C and F degrees.

    Minimum Requierments: cURL Library, PHP, MySQL, ReWrite module.