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Just a quick question, does this allow autopost to twitter/facebook and auto upload of videos to youtube. Thanks

Hola Miguel, quería informarte que el script tiene un error ya que ahora no soporta los videos de SoundCloud, ya que al pegar el enlace de las canciones e intentar publicarlas pues este dice “error” y lo otro es que no has solventado el problema de las notificaciones que te comente aquella vez, osea tu publicas algo y yo te respondo y te llega una notificacion, pero si tu respondes y yo vuelvo a responder ya alli no llegan, por favor soluciona eso :3 cuidate y Feliz año nuevo hermanaso.

Hola alex, disculpa que no te había respondido, ese error fue arreglado revisa este enlace

OK bought this a while ago now and trying to install it but issue with .htaccess file and unable to login to admin correctly. Have looked through previous similar issues posted and done what you suggested with reuploading the .htaccess file but still gives me same problem. Can you please resolve this issue or else will have to get a refund for a script thats not working.

Hi, try going deleting some lines of the file, you may be interfering with your server

I want to add new language … Can anyone please guide me how to add new language ?

Hi, I am creating a simple guide so they can add new languages

Nice product. Is it possible to add ‘Oembed’ to import links from all medias. it’s open source tool.

Hello, the pro version is already included

Mister developer@ the ads section please change to last or end content. on mobile phone ads is first and the content on page is to bad for users on mobile. change sidebar on mobile phone to las from content no first . because users from mobile no can read fast content and post from users , read first banner with ads and this is crazy bad .

You can change the direction of the panels to make them the way you want

And how can dezactivate veriffy by email? I need to turn off this … or option to off captha..wher is this options?

There ZIP files called:

  • no-captcha.zip
  • no-captcha-no-user-verify.zip
  • no-user-verify.zip
  • just follow the steps

    and the 3 question: how can I do as all the time posts to show image or video ..you do not need to click on expand to view image or video or other post..? i want expand all time to be on.

    please help me to expand all image or post to view image in the post i need this .

    I will release the way to go, just give me some time to update

    how can disabled hide expand i want to show everytime EXPANDED IMAGE on all post. how can make it expanded without do click?

    I will release the way to go, just give me some time to update

    next update…release date? ...if you want to create smilie list i kant view …....

    Is it possible to include EDIT POST in the future update ?


    is it possible ?

    If it be possible, but by the moments not think to come

    hi i have problem pdo is enabled but see : entregeeks.fr they are problem graphic !

    its ok but i haven’t acess admin when i can edit page ?

    they are not cpanel for admin?

    Can you tell me what the problem is exactly?

    very good !

    no its ok very good job !

    Hi i have problem with integration arrowchat and with Oauth for twitter :s

    What mistakes have?

    Nice php mique,

    Go Social Microblogging https://friendsglad.com


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    Please help me to fix this problem, I’ve email to you but yet in reply. If in the open index my website out like this

    “Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch() on a non-object in /public_html/application/AdminSettings.php on line 22”

    Okay, please check your e-mail

    You must import the database, there this error

    Already import the database


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    I want following amendment on my website www.tweet.pk …Can you please send me quote ?

    1. When user upload photo or video it will show directly right now when user click expend image or video then showing. 2. we want user can also upload own video and songs as well because right now only youtube and vimeo link supporting 3. For images, video and songs storage we want to integrate Amazone AWS so all upload save in aws and not in our server. 4. We want in admin area sending newsletter facility … we select amazing post and send to user … same way twitter sending daily basis What’s happening on Twitter. 5. Also need Google SEO friendly … so my website and user profile will display in google …


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    what is the url address of rss feed? can it upgrade or convert to social microblogging pro?

    How to have more ads, they could be show in sidebar, search result page (randomly), discover page (randomly) and interaction page (randomly).


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    Ya es hora de una actualizacion.