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Hello, I have done bonus upgrade(Show Media), and it works so far everything, but when i click other profiles, this not loading … page say “please wait to loading ….” And nothing happen … if you want to try: http: // netblogg .net my site to view this error. I think mistakes is classAjax.php file! Can you help me?

enabled errors ??

Yes, Can you see now?

Send credentials cPanel to my mail please

Hello, my i get the version 3 update on this template? Thank you,

Mark Lane

Hi thanks for your purchase, do you have any problem with the script?

I will report safety review your purchase is not recommended to place your license number

When the next update?

Hi Miguel. We have purchased your microblogging and everything was ok until I moved it to it’s own dedicated server. Lots of folder permission problems. Most things are working ok now except for Youtube/Vimeo/Soundcloud links are not posting. Could you tell me which files/folders need to be chmod please?

blastfm.audio is the location. It was purchased by my partner Mark Lane

I have already chmod 777 a lot of the folders in public so the covers/backgrounds/avatar folders are already done

Hello everyone I had problems the last two weeks and for that reason I could not answer all your questions, I will do everything possible to solve and help my clients.

I ask a little patience to all my clients and apologize for being inconvenienced.

Thank you.

Hello, I send you Mail!

Hello sorry I have not responded to your post I had big problems with Internet connection, I ask a little patience

Hello, I am thinking about to buy your script but I see many translation errors! Did you use Google Translate?

Yes, you use Google

In the demo the posting image does not work, will you get it fixed please? also when you embed a music file you get this msg You have not provided a valid SoundCloud UR even though the url is correct

Hello, the demo is not enabled to make publication

Users cannot login using internet explorer via homepage. They click sign in and the button darkens like it’s loading but nothing happens. However, the user can click on one of the pages and login from that page and it work just fine.

Hi, you can send my email address to your website

what is your email address.

hi – can i change the amount of message characters? can i sent files (zip,mp3,pdf….) too? thx!

really need a possibility to edit POST ;-) Christmas arrived !

Hello, this function is in plans but have had several problems with my internet connection and made me work hard last month

If it’s possible, you’re the boss and sure, I think it can upgrade sale

This is an urgent matter. When I generate a hashtag followed by a dot or a comma (punctuation) it appears in the hashtag. How to avoid this please so that only the hashtag to be alone and not accompanied by punctuation

Hello, sorry for the late response, I will review

Thanks a lot, I wait

Hi Miguel , what is the difference between “pro version” and “normal version” of the 2 scripts?

Hello, if you’re a little patient I can help you in your customizations because honestly I have no time now

Ok wait for your message when you are ready, before buy the script

Hi Miguel , you still are engaged for customization for a pay fee?

Can you please guide me how to add new language ?

Hello, a few days ago I was on a short vacation, I will create a tutorial to add a new language

Ps is There someone that know the code, that can do some little customization for a fee?


alexbkhz Purchased

Miguel que has hecho acerca de los bugs que te comente anteriormente?

Hola alex en los últimos días he estado un poco ocupado con los estudios y no me dado tiempo para enfocarme en las actualizaciones, Dios mediante al finales o comienzo del mes que entra voy a montarme en ello, Disculpa la tardanza Saludos desde Aragua