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hii what kind php framework that you use for this script? (laravel? yii? ci?) thanks


It doesn’t use any of the popular framework.

It would be great to use the nested set model of trees :).

Very buggy script, does not run out of the box without modification. Keep on working on it…

Is it possible to sort products in category by price?

No sorry, this feature is not available.

Possible to accept cryptocurrency as payment?

Sorry, this feature is not available.

Hi how can i get my meny categories in meny m´bar listed by cat id and not in alphabetic as it is now as standard


You can do it only through code editing.

Hmmm. That was a very helpful answer ??? Guess i need to look for another script.


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What file do i edit to have the user go straight to the view_cart.php instead of just display_cart being updated?

Basically, when a person clicks on add to cart – i just want them to go straight to the cart instead of just refreshing the page and having the display cart updated.

Thanks for helping!


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Never mind figured it out! just changed the action on the form.

hi again

so no answer i guess it means its not possible to menu item ´s listed in category id, must accept to have items listed in alfabetic order >??? thats not good, and may be a reason i properably ever go live with this script i want to have control over the menu listing, don’t want alfabetic listing , looks very bad

Please see the previous answer.

Hello, how is it possible to do: Checkout will be possible only when you reach a certain amount,

I want to make the city (with the option to choose the city) is just like the country (with the option to choose country), what changes to make in the script, ms, or please send your file with the changes, made to these 2 questions,

thanks in advance

Hello! Could you please write me how it is possible to set: “Checkout will be possible only when you reach a certain purchase amount.”

I would also like to add the option to choose the city in the city field: on the page create_account.php, just like in the country field (with the option to choose a country).

Could you please tell me what changes to make in the script? Or if it is possible would you mind sending me the file with the necessary changes requested above. Thank you in advance!

Hello! Unfortunately I can not provide support for custom code.

hello, i sent email

Hello! I replied to your email.

Thank you for the reply! I came across a problem: when I add a comment on the page I don’t get this comment on my admin e-mail. I would like to ask what the reason may be?

Hello! The support is provided through the contact form.

Thank you!

1) can you please let me know which framework is used on that? 2) Is it support bootstrap ? 3) Is your products regularly and efficiently updated because many of authors just listed the item on sale and always forget to update or they just gone on the certain time? 4) Is it easily customizable ? 5) If need certain functionality then how its come ?


1. It doesn’t use any of the popular framework.

2. Unfortunately at this time is not supported but it is on the list of updates (release date not yet scheduled).

3. More information on this page.

4. Yes, but all depends on your skills.

5. More information on the profile page.

If there is anything else that I can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the contact form.


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Can I change the payment to accept bitcoins instead?


Unfortunately this feature is not available, you can do it only through code editing.

Hey, wondering if there is a way to add a contact us page based on the admins email? I dont see that feature.

Hello, unfortunately this feature is not available, you can do it only through code editing.

Maybe you can help me out if I pay?


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when you added a page ??, because I have many products and look bad in the beginning

Sorry, I don’t understand your question.


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you can add a page to the publications on the homepage

Any updates?


New updates are planned, but unfortunately the release date is not yet scheduled.