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admin login after got this error: Fatal error: Call to a member function rowCount() on a non-object in D:\wamp\www\php_shopping_cart\libraries\Database.php on line 83


front shop home page Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in D:\wamp\www\php_shopping_cart\index.php on line 128

what can i do?



Please try to reinstall it or alternatively contact me through the contact form, so i can investigate further.

Hi, you have a great, simple and efficient cart, which works very well. Congrats. One thing though, it would be cool to be able to sign in with Facebook, it would make the sign in simpler and quicker. :) Another cool option would be the PDF invoice printing. Do you intend to add that in the future? Cheers, Paolo E.


Hello Paolo,

Thank you for your feedback and tips, I put them into requests.


I would like to know whether this coding of module has been done in core php or smarty or any other framework?



The system use our template engine.

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Updated soon?

Hi, I need “message on order”, when user meke order he can write message for seller.


You can add a message to the order through the checkout page.

hi my friend very nice work!!

1) do you have some guide documedation so i can implement to my template if i buy?

2)and you are you plan to make updates in future?

thank you!


Thank you!

1. Unfortunately the documentation is not available, but if you have knowledge of HTML/PHP you can integrate your template. The system use a template engine, this means the PHP logic is separate with the HTML code.

2. Yes, new updates are planned.


Please I am looking for a PHP script that I can intergrate into an html website to make the html site to have a functional shopping cart.

I will like to know if you script can do that for me.

The site is responsive so I need to know if you script is also responsive.




Hi Chinedu,

Unfortunately this feature is not available, but it is on the list of updates.

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I used the install program and everything checks out ok but when I click on the next button… nothing happens!!!

I don’t have time to debug this code can you tell me what to do to get this to work?


Please send your website details through the contact form.

Quick question: Just wanted to know if the passwords are encrypted when a user registers.



Passwords stored in the database are encrypted.


Thanks. I do have one more question:

When I change all the md5($password) to crypt($password) on the Athentication.php in the Libraries folder, it prevents user login. Is there another file/script/folder that I have to update in order for this process to work?

Thanks again for any help you can provide.


Correction: That’s sha1($password) to crypt($password)

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What is on the list of updates for the upcoming new update?