PHP MVC Code Generator Enterprise - MySQLi

PHP MVC Code Generator Enterprise - MySQLi

Hezecom PHP MVC Code Generator Enterprise is a PHP, MySQLi code generator which generate classes for each table in your database and forms and prepare your admin panel with a login form. This app is full of exciting features.All you need to do is just create your database and the Code Generator will generate everything with just a single click. It generates forms for INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT and DELETE with well arranged folders.

The generated classes are commented for easy understanding base on their operations, which means editing the code to your taste is very simple, if necessary. If you have not started using MVC in php, this will be a good starting point for you and if you have whao! Then enjoy the power of speed using this app to generate sophisticated code for your projects. Save time and money developing your app with just few clicks is so amazing and fun.

PHP MVC Code Generator Enterprise Main Features

  • Enterprise base conding structure
  • Full CRUD Generated
  • Well arranged folder(MVC format)
  • HTML, classes, objects and controllers in seprate folders
  • The arrangement enables you to plug anything into your application
  • Instant code preview after generating
  • Bootstrap Support
  • Jquery notification message
  • Simple steps (Database Settings, Project Name, Select Tables, Generate and Preview) everything on one page
  • Generate MySQLi data objects class for each table
  • Generated code support multi database connection
  • Four database operation are generated for each table which include (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE)
  • Option to select between the (Deault Contructor Class / Get and Set Class)
  • Option to Enable or Disable jquery form validation
  • Detect Date Field from database (Support date picker when the field is date)
  • Detect Enum field from database (e.g ‘Male’, ‘Female’) and use as Select Field
  • Detect (TEXT,MEDIUMTEXT,LONGTEXT,BLOB…etc.) and use as textarea
  • Detect primary key (AUTO_INCREMENT)
  • Support jquery datatable
  • Quick Search through database
  • Support pagination with jquery datatable
  • Export data to Excel spread sheet
  • Export data to Word
  • Build in self-defined functions
  • Option to select table you want to generate code for
  • Generated codes are commented for easy understanding and editing
  • File Upload
  • Image upload and resize
  • Multiple Image upload and resize
  • Multiple File upload
  • Full Documentation

Product Features and Differences in Editions

PHP MVC Code Generator Enterprise

PHP MVC Code Generator Enterprise PHP Code Generator Pro Edition Plus Admin Panel
MVC standard layout coding Normal OOP Coding
Database tables used as folders views folder for CRUD Database tables views in one folder
No admin login auth after code generated Admin login auth after code generated
Classes and objects in seperate folder only one folder for both classes and objects
Application clearly seprated from template Application and template in the same folder
Plugin other app much more easier Plugin other app not too easy
High divition of labour Low divition of labour
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System Requirements

  • PHP 5+
  • MySQL 5+
  • MySQLi extension

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