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watgif Purchased

Hi there,

I seem to have a problem connecting this to my database. The error that comes up says= “Database error: could not find driver”

Can you help me with this problem? Thanks

Contact your host to make sure you have PHP PDO enabled


JGoods22 Purchased


I don’t see documentation on how to implement Google Sign in with this plugin. Can you lead me in the right direction?

Thanks, Jon


The Google auth we use is currently deprecated, there is no implementation right now.


ChunkND Purchased


I know this is likely something wrong on my end but I saw that several others have asked and I was unable to find a solution looking through the comments.

Whenever I remove a user level from a user I get the following error.

PDOStatement::execute(): SQLSTATE42000: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘)’ at line 1 in /home2/noteduck/public_html/Charles/beerfile_manage/classes/generic.class.php on line 87

I’m using PHP version 5.5.27 and Server version: 5.5.42-37.1 – Percona Server (GPL), Release 37.1, Revision 727

Is there anything you would recommend?

As far as I can tell it only happens when removing a user level from a user and it still does what it should. If there is no reason to worry I don’t mind it popping up but I’d like to confirm it isn’t messing anything up.


Yes there is no problem here


phoenixkv Purchased

When enabling the Facebook Login integration, we are getting this error:

Invalid Scopes: read_stream, read_friendlists. This message is only shown to developers. Users of your app will ignore these permissions if present. Please read the documentation for valid permissions at: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/permissions


You should try to sync the scopes between your application you created and the ones we request from our script

we have implemented facebook login on our registration page, but when a person hwo wants to login with facebook clicks on facebook button, it redirects him/her on the registration page. Name, surname, and e-mail are coming, but it requires password. is it normal? actually, i want the user to finish the registration by logging with facebook without requring password. he/she must enter the website automativcally. i am waiting for your answer asap. thanx.

Yes this is how it currently works

I am also looking forward to see a working facebook integration where facebook login will be sufficient and does not need any additional sign-ups

This would be ideal!

I really need to experience the Facebook signup feature before making this purchase, I will wait a week for this to become available in the demo and if I do not see it I will have to go with an alternative that does include the Facebook signup feature in the demo. Also with Google and twitter.



lengo46 Purchased

Hello Jigowatt,

Let me first say thank you for a wonderful script. I really like it!

I have a minor issue on my site when a new users sign up. After the sign-up the activation mail is send (issue stays even if I turn this off). And the new user is login automatically, but the username and (default) avatar doesn’t show in the navbar menu.

I have to sign-out and login again (sometimes twice) in order to get them appeared. Do you have any idea what is going on here?

Additional question: the script doesn’t save the email activated/not activated state in the database does it? If I want query to restrict content from user that did not activate yet, I need to add it to the sql right (for example in login_users)?



That seems to be a bug, can you replicate this on our live demo?

The ones that did not activate yet will have an activation code in the database. Ones that are activated will not have one

Thanks for the reply.

It doesn’t seem to happen in the demo.

However I think i’ve found the problem. I’ve changed the settings to email as the username. And therefor also edited the name in the navbar to $_SESSION‘jigowatt’ to show the username name instead of the email adres. But this causes the issue. Is there someway around this?

Greets, Len

Hi, I tried searching in comments but i cannot find relevant post. Can you please tell me if i need to have some custom fields for a user login is there a way to do it without customizing core classes?

Waiting for answer,


You can have custom fields without coding, it is an admin option. Did you see the user profile fields?