PHP Google, Yahoo & Bing Live Search

PHP Google, Yahoo & Bing Live Search

This PHP script provides google, yahoo and bing live search widget box for your website.
Enrich your website user experience with this very cool piece of software that offers instant Google Live Search, Yahoo Live Search and Bing Live Search right out of the box! Worldwide or in-site live search results with ease just by using this highly customizable jQuery plugin powered by a flexible PHP service!

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Product Description

Wiseloop PHP Google, Yahoo & Bing Live Search is a jQuery plugin powered by a custom PHP service designed to offer an easy way to add live search functionality to any PHP based website. Just start typing a few letters in the search box and the search results will be shown instantly in a fully customizable menu. Google, Yahoo or Bing search engine can be selected to perform the live search.
The jQuery plugin is highly customizable, various themes can be applied via CSS, restrict the allowed search engines, limit the search to your website (or any site maybe) etc.

Main Features

  • Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines supported;
  • theme support (5 themes included);
  • in place search engine selection menu;
  • search engines subset selection for a specific live search box;
  • worldwide search or limited search to your website only (or another specified website);
  • no need for any search engines API keys;
  • cross-browser support;
  • lightweight and easy to use;


  • Apache Web Server 2.0.0 or newer
  • PHP 5.0.0 or newer having php_curl extension or allow_url_fopen PHP setting enabled
  • jQuery 1.7 or newer

A Basic Usage Sample

    <script src="jquery.min.js"></script>
    <script src="jQuery.wlLS.js"></script>
        $(document).ready( function(){
    <div id="wl-ls"></div>



WiseLoop assumes no responsibility for any abusive use of this software product.

This software product is sold exclusively on Please do not download it from elsewhere.

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