PHP Download Manager and File Migration Tool

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PHP File Migration Tool is a simple and easy-to-use file migration tool and download manager that enables you to quickly and easily generate and import lists of files located on a remote server and later transfer them directly to your web server. This ensures faster and easier server migration and saves you precious time, as you avoid the most common extra step of first transferring the content from your old server to your personal computer and then transferring it from your personal computer to your new server. With PHP File Migration Tool, you transfer your content directly from your old server to your new server, without having to download any of it on your personal computer.

PHP File Migration Tool requires no specific installation. You just have to create a new folder on your web server and upload all files associated with PHP File Migration Tool in it and you’re ready to use the tool! (these are the files located in the “files” subfolder of the ZIP package that you download from CodeCanyon)

In order to run properly on your server, PHP File Migration Tool requires that either allow_furl_open or the cURL extension (or ideally both) are enabled from your PHP configuration.

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File migration and mass downloading files has never been easier, now that you have PHP File Migration Tool!


version 1.3 (2012-03-07)
  • Added support to an alternative file transfer method – cURL. Users can now choose between “fopen” and “cURL” when moving files from one server to another.
  • Added file list filtering options, which allow users to delete certain files from their server based on whether these files are included in or excluded from their file lists.
  • Added a file browser.
  • Added some minor improvements to the List Generator.
  • Improved AJAX timeout handling – file transfer failures and timeouts are now less likely to occur, compared to previous versions.
version 1.1 (2011-12-30)
  • Improved the List Generator so it can iterate through subfolders
version 1.0 (2011-12-20)
  • PHP File Migration Tool has been released!