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i have just bought this product for use on an opencart site, in the directory it has index.php , but this will over write the index.php that is already there, i have uploaded to thew public_html filder on the domain , was this correct?? if so how do i get it to install??


frange Purchased

Love your plugin, works like a charm. I’d like to suggest a nice feature for all OS X users out there: Is it possible to add some OS X/Safari Notification support to the plugin? For example a popup if there is a new incoming chat.. I would really appreciate it. :)

Hi frange, thanks for the kind words! :-) ... I don’t know much about Mac/OS X as I don’t have one and, therefore, am unable to develop a notification plugin, I’m afraid.

You guys just stop answering or developing the script? Any support at all?

In answer to your query: in order to disallow operators from viewing past discussions and enquiries you can simply change their role from “Administrator” to “Operator” and then leave all of the additional permissions unchecked.

Thanks… keep up the good work, great script.

Greetings, such as changing the link that points in the footer Powered by ClientEngage AppUrl, change, for example Powered by MyCompany and link to my website

After purchasing, feel free to search the source code and change/remove those notices and links. That said, copyright notices and licensing information within the source-code (i.e. source code comments) must remain intact.

any plans to sell the source code for the client or update the script to allow operators to engage in chat with website visitors?

Can you make the script work with PHP version 7?

Hi there FramSteget. PHP 7 isn’t supported, I’m afraid. You’d have to install it in a domain which, in your webserver configuration, is set to run under a previous PHP version.


DJTrb Purchased

After installing onto my web server i got a 500 Error, do you know why this would be? I can’t see why. Nor did i touch anything.


DJTrb Purchased

Fixed the 500 Error, however now the Endpoint API Isn’t working it’s saying the following “The server returned malformatted data. Please re-start the application and ensure you are using the correct API- Endpoint

Hello and thank you for this excellent tool.

Using Safari(both on windows and Mac OS) or any browser except from Chrome on iOS devices, when clicking chat’s header to make it come up the whole page refreshes.

Is there any solution on that? Probably jQuery(window).. is the problem here.

Thank you very much.

Hi gtsintzilonis,

That’s a necessary evil in order to start a session in Safari. The Safari browser is a bit “special” in that it outright disables third-party cookies. The session cookie is, however, necessary for the chat to keep the user session active across requests.

The workaround for Safari is to create a postback to the domain where the chat is hosted (hence the brief refresh).

That said, it will only follow this behaviour before a user is signed-up. Once the user is in an active chat-session, the chat panel will slide open normally.

Cheers, CE

Just Installed the script and getting midway the installation: “Error: The requested address ’/installer/installation’ was not found on this server.” am I missing files?

Do you mind if I delete this since it’s on the wrong item page? I’ll reply on the other thread.