PHP Application Precision-Loading Software

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PHP Application Precision Loading Software – Copyright © Phillip Rock 2011
Current Version: 1.3
Release Date: 2/2/2012

For the longest time I wanted something to load all the content of my applications and then display the content only once it was fully rendered. You can do this pretty easily, but I wanted to go a step farther and actually show my users the progress that is being made as the content is being rendered. That’s a little more difficult and I could never find anything online to help. Now that my programming knowledge has expanded quite a bit, I set out to create this piece of software.

It’s a very simple script that renders all of your content and shows your users a precise progress bar as to how far along the rendering process is. If you are like me and use a lot of AJAX , you probably preload a lot of your content for other pages, especially images. The script preloads all of the images you need in your application and then renders all your content at once when finished.

How does it work? First the script gathers all of your images for your application from all necessary directories relative to the file. As the script is cycling through the files, it is applying CSS to hide the images and also binds events to the images. When each image is fully loaded or fails to load, the event is fired (keep in mind that the goal here is to load the content when finished rendering regardless of errors). Upon firing, a counter increments until it reaches the total number of loaded images. At this point, your content is fully-rendered and shown to your users. Since images normally take the longest to render, this is a safe way to indicate loading progress to users. Take note that this script isn’t gauging how long rendering will take, its simply showing the users how far along this process is by showing the percentage of completely rendered images.

You will need some programming experience to use this, though even a novice with PHP /JS could get this up and running easily. For those of you who want to customize your loading a little more, customization is also very straightforward and easily done.



  • Server w/ PHP v5.3+
  • Some PHP /HTML/JS Knowledge