PhotoMosaic - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

PhotoMosaic transforms your photo gallery into a visually-striking design piece by giving it a fresh masonry layout worthy of your favorite design blog.


  • Gallery data can be parsed from existing HTML, read from a JSON object, or loaded from an external XML file
  • Fully Responsive
  • Masonry Layout
  • Customizable columns, width, & padding
  • Have images link to a URL (with option to open that URL in a new window/tab), open a larger version of the image in a Lightbox, or don’t make them links at all.
  • CSS3 loading animations
  • Works with your favorite Lightbox plugin (or use the packaged PrettyPhoto)

v2.3.4 Released (May. 26th, 2013)

  • Bug Fix: corrects regression introduced in v2.3.3 – responsive stopped working

v2.3.3 Released (May. 25th, 2013)

PhotoMosaic (JS only) development had fallen behind PhotoMosaic-for-Wordpress. This update catches it up and, aside from Wordpress-specific features, is a 100% feature match between the two.

Some changes since v2.1.3 (the last PhotoMosaic [JS only] release):

  • Enhancement: new layout uses absolute positioning instead of fixed-markup
  • Enhancement: actively responsive
  • Enhancement: new auto-columns logic is responsive and generates mosaics with larger images
  • Enhancement: updates jQuery to v1.9.1
  • Enhancement: updates prettyPhoto to v3.1.5
  • Enhancement: adds “prevent_crop” setting
  • Enhancement: adds “order” setting
  • Enhancement: adds “responsive_transition” setting
  • Enhancement: “columns” setting now accepts “0” and “auto” for auto-columns
  • Deleted: removes “force_order” setting (now part of “order”)
  • Deleted: removes “randomize” setting (now part of “order”)
  • Deleted: removes “auto_columns” setting (now part of “columns”)
  • Bug Fix: lightbox-gallery order now matches input-gallery order regardless of layout-order