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When resizing the browser window instead of the thumbnails reordering the sidebar is getting pushed down below the Page/Post content. The theme’s author said it was not his theme and they try to help but don’t support 3rd party plugins. He had no other suggestions.

In version 2.10 I found a hack that “fixed” this. On line 7 I changed ‘width:auto;’ to ‘width:auto !important;’ and that did the trick. Worked rock solid. In version 2.11 when I do that the entire gallery disappears.

Problem example: http://cb.profoliolive.com/photomosaic-post/

I hope you’re able to see what’s going on here.


Hello, I am unable to get this product to work on my Wordpress blog. When I publish a post, none of the words or the image gallery shows up. I have ready through this feed, and I cannot get the suggestions to help me! Can I get a refund or can you assist?


I’m happy to help. The form on my author page emails me directly. If you provide me with a link to your site and username/password, I’ll take a look and see if I can figure out what’s going wrong.

Images are distorded, I have tried unchecking the box on settings > media and regenerated thumbnails but nothing has helped the gallery pulls a square image as thumbnail, please help


At a bare minimum I’d need a link to a page where I can see the problem. Any further debugging would require access to your site (the form on my author page emails me directly – you can send credentials there).

If you’ve corrected your Media settings and regenerated your thumbnails and they still don’t have the correct aspect-ratio… Make sure you don’t have any other plugins installed that might bypass WP’s built-in image generator or use a different one altogether?

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Blueimp lightbox is not working with Photomosaic. I’ve been using this lightbox for months and have tested with many plugins and have not had any issues until now.

Photomosaic seems to be disrupting the lightbox’s functionality. Accourding to the plugin author:

By default it (blueimp lightbox) automatically adds lightbox functionality to image links ending with gif, jpg, jpeg and png extensions.

Why is Photomosaic removing this?

Please review the links:

Plugin is: http://goo.gl/CJRmp2

Working correctly: http://cb.profoliolive.com/wp-masonry/

Not working here: http://cb.profoliolive.com/photomosiac-gallery/

Thank you.

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Amazing Script!!! Love it! I am using Hostgator for my host. The gallery works great and you’ve been amazingly helpful.

I am using about 40 images (saved for web at 72 dpi). If I add one extra image, the gallery stops working. It either won’t load or i’ll get this error: PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded

Hostgator’s shared servers are limited to 30 seconds. Would you recommend switching hosts? Have you seen this error before?


Hi, can you please share a suggestion to a very simple lightbox that is compatible with your plugin? I was using photoswipe, but it is no longer working. I would like as simple as possible, with just side arrows and no extra border. Thanks!

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Hello! Am wondering if i can limit the number of Nextgen gallery images that appear in my photomosaic.

e.g. If i just want to show 10 random images from my next gen gallery (and not all 40 of the images), is there a shortcode/some php for this?

i have tried this without luck: [photomosaic nggid=”1” limit=”5” ]