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Hi, can your plugin show all images from a folder via a shortcode?

PhotoMosaic is simply a different layout for the standard WordPress [gallery] shortcode. It doesn’t read from a folder – it displays the images you select in the “Add Media > Create Gallery” workflow.

Using version 2.13.

In the general settings I have set the columns to auto, ie. 0, masonry.

In the gallery when setting 3 columns, the gallery is responsive and on a mobile shows 1 column. But if set to 2 columns, the gallery is not responsive and shows 2 columns on a mobile instead of 1.

I have responded to your email.


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Hi: There’s no bridge for this lightbox, is there?

Can’t get it to work; I’ve un-checked “use default lightbox.”




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ETA: It doesn’t have to be that lightbox, I’m looking for a lightbox that will work well with Photomosaic, with these features:

Opaque background; full size; clean/simple, unobtrusive. I’ve tried two different Photoswipe lightbox plugins, and they’re almost perfect, except they have transparent backgrounds (I don’t like lightboxes that appear to be hovering over the page). WP-Lightbox-Bank fits the bill, but I can’t get it to work with Photomosaic.


The easiest way to get an opaque background would be to tweak an existing lightbox’s CSS.

For example, if you use “Simple PhotoSwipe” (the PhotoSwipe that PhotoMosaic supports with a lightbox bridge) simply add the following to your PhotoMosaic > Custom CSS…

.pswp__bg { opacity: 1 !important; }

That should do it.

Hi I just purchased the plugin and uploaded the zip but as a result I now get “the white screen of death”. I’ve deactivated it through ftp and tried again – same result. Does this mean the plugin does not work with my theme? Can I then get a refund or is there a way to make it work? Best regards

The plugin ZIP is inside the ZIP that you download from CodeCanyon. Make sure you’re uploading the correct file.

Even if PhotoMosaic didn’t work with your theme (which shouldn’t be the case) it wouldn’t nuke both the front-site and the admin. Without knowing the PHP error that happened when you saw the white-screen… there isn’t much I can do.

If you want a refund – you’ll have to go through CodeCanyon (it isn’t something I have the power to do).

Hello, it seems that for some reason the photomosaic on my home page that pulls in images from recent posts is not pulling in my most recent post. I have it pulling in the category called “news” and it’s just ignoring my most recent post. The post it’s ignoring has 3 different categories, and when I change the photomosaic to pull in one of its other categories, it does in fact come in. Can you tell why it might be ignoring this post, which is tagged as “news”? Here is the web site:

Thank you!

It might be a caching issue (I’m working on a fix). In the meantime, you can work around it by adding cache="1" to the shortcode (it should bust the cache).


[photomosaic category="recent" limit="20" cache="1"]

The fix will go out in the next release. Let me know if you need more help.


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In your documentation, I can see that in order to change the link for an image in a Mosaic Gallery, I need to add the link in the description and select Custom URL in the PhotoMosaic settings.

However when I do this my images still link to the original image. Am I missing another step?

Double check your lightbox settings. It’s possible that it is superseding the default link behavior.

I created a post and then created a gallery, as indicated in the directions. When I add [photomosaic id=”378”] to the home page where I want the mosaic to appear, nothing shows. (with 378 being the post ID)

What am I missing?

I can’t answer that question based on your description alone. Can you provide me with a link? If you don’t want to post it here, the form on my author page emails me directly.

I completed the form on your author page yesterday or the day before. Hopefully you received the needed information.

I have (thank you) and I’ve responded to your email.

Photomosaic. I click add gallery, select images I want, select columns, insert gallery. Everything works perfectly, my problem is every except when I choose 3 columns. If I select 2 columns, its shows 2, if I select 4,5,6, it shows that many. When I select 3 it creates a gallery with 5 columns not 3.

The is an issue with Wordpress – 3 columns is the default for the native gallery and, when you set columns=”3” it removes it from the shortcode (meaning auto-columns gets turned on). The easiest thing is to change the shortcode from [gallery …] to [photomosaic …].


i have some trubles the PhotoMosaic Gallery is not working any more. That happend after the new update of Wordpress. please check that link:

Best regards Martin

HI, thanks i fixed it :-)


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Hi, I’ve download the plugin, unzipped the plugin and put it in the plugins folder but it isn’t showing up in the dashboard…

CodeCanyon wraps the plugin in an additional zip (that includes the license, a readme.txt, and another zip). That internal zip is the one you can upload to WP or unzip and place in your plugins folder.

Hello, I am a french user of your very good Photomosaic, thanks ;) I would like to use it on my 3 different websites, is it possible? Because when I use my purchase on different websites in the same time, it seems to crach my websites…

Thank you for your response.