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pmagi Purchased

Hi, I am trying to speed up my wordpress site, and installed Query manager to check why its slow. One of the thing I found is time spent on this error: 403 Forbidden – GET

Can this be fixed or is there anyway I can turn of the github stuff and do manual updates instead?

There isn’t a programatic way to disable updating via the WP-Admin. You can always comment-out the include (/includes/class-photomosaic.php #44) manually.


joshoohah Purchased

Hi I was wondering how the mosaic gallery does in phones and tablets. Do you have any screen shots available? Thanks, Joshua

Simply visit thelive preview on your phone (or resize your browser) to see the responsiveness is action.

Here’s a QR code that will take you to the live preview (if that helps)...


kjev Purchased

hi, is it possible to override the “Minimum Column Width” on each gallery? awesome plugin btw, thanks a lot!! kj

It looks like I forgot to add it to the Inline Attributes tab. Yes, you can use min_column_width on the shortcode itself.

Hi Makfak, just a quick pre-sale question: is it possible to open each image with PhotoSwipe Lightbox? Thanks.



sruddy1 Purchased

I have followed your recommendations from the plugin general tab about how to use a different lightbox with photo mosaic. I wasn’t able to get it to work so I took your suggestion and emailed nextgen support and attached a screenshot and asked them for the lightbox rel and lightbox function. The reply didn’t give me the info I asked for instead they said “I pinged one of our developers on this and his response was “Just assign images the “nextgen_pro_lightbox” class and ensure the Pro Lightbox is enqueued by NextGEN” ... also you may need to set the option under Gallery > Other Options > Lightbox Effects … NextGEN Pro Lightbox | What must the lightbox be applied to? Try to apply to all images.” So I was wondering if you know what info I need to put in your supplied settings page to get the nextgen pro lightbox to work with your plugin. Thanks

Here’s a link to a Lightbox Bridge for NextGenPro. Use it instead.

Got it, installed, and activated. It says activation is all that’s needed for it to work but the images are just opening full size with no lightbox. I tried rechecking your use default lightbox but no difference. I even tried new browser in case there was some cache issue.

Hello makfak,

My photmosaic plugin is doing something interesting. Everything is working fine, but the shaded gray boxes that overlays the images to show the captions with a mouseover are not fitting to the size of the image itself, but rather extending longer. Is this the way it should be performing, or is something wrong? Here is a screenshot of the issue: And here is a page on which you can see it happening:

Thank you!


makfak Author

PhotoMosaic isn’t misbehaving… the custom styles that you added to your custom captions are to blame.

Add “box-sizing:border-box;” to your ”.photoMosaic span” declaration.

Worked like a charm. Thank you, makfak!