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I am using PM and NextGen Pro. I prefer your masonry gallery option but would like to set NextGen_Pro_Lightbox as custom one. I was not able to get this custom lightbox working. Do you know which of your 4Steps I have to apply?

This site has your PM gallery http://www.robertsteinkopff.de/wordpress/?page_id=143 This is the NextGen gallery with the prefered lightbox setting http://www.robertsteinkopff.de/wordpress/?page_id=569

Thanks in advance for any help!


It looks like you’ll need to use the onReady Callback to add, at a minimum, the class nextgen_pro_lightbox to each link.

Looking at the pages you provided it looks like there are a number of other data-attributes you might need but, having never used NPL, I don’t know for sure.

If you want me to try and configure your site for you, the form on my author page emails me directly – send me admin-level credentials to your WP-Admin and I’ll take a look.

steko7 Purchased

Thanks for your answer and your offer to support. I have found a couple of other drawbacks on the nextgen pro gallery so I will longer have to struggle with this NPL.

I was wondering if you know any plugin which allows to add a watermark on my pictures within PM. Any recommendations?


I’ve never used any watermarking plugins. Good luck.

Hi, I like the plugin and think to buy it, but have one question. Is there some option or some way to hide link from thumbnail to big image. I mean when mouse over on the thumbnail to hide or don’t show the link to big image. I want to protect the images with you plugin. If have some option to do it, I’ll be vary happy and will be pleasure to use it :)

Thanks in advance and sorry for my English :)


Yes, you can configure PhotoMosaic to not make each image a link.

That said, PhotoMosaic doesn’t have a feature to prevent right-clicking on an image but it’s something you can do easily yourself using the onReady Callback...

    return false;

How do I access the controls in the black box, upper right corner, with the blue sliders to change the properties of the photomosaic gallery?


I’ve responded to your email.

Hi Makfak,

Having some problems with my lightbox settings turned on. Arrows are not in the right place, no photo description, that kinda thing.

Any chance you could give me your thoughts on why its not working please?

Example can be found here: http://www.dev.brandwavemarketing.com.gridhosted.co.uk/services/location-photography/




Thanks for your reply. Im probably being an idiot, but i have unticked use default lightbox, and i have unticked use custom lightbox, and this just stops the images for loading in a lightbox.

When you say, use the version in my theme? How do i tell it to do that?

Should i keep use custom lightbox ticked?

Thanks for your help.


Leave both Use Default Lightbox and Use Custom Lightbox unchecked and change Lightbox REL from pmlightbox to prettyPhoto (your theme applies PrettyPhoto to image links with RELs that start with “prettyPhoto”, as you can see in salient/js/init.js #74).

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Thanks so much for your help Makfak. Much appreciated. Great plugin and keep up the good work.

Hi, i needs know if in this plugin is possible works with various galleries and configs like different thumb width between the galleries


Yes. You can configure Global Settings (settings that apply to all of your mosaics) and you can override those settings on each individual mosaic.

hi there, cool mosaic you’ve build.

just one problem, “group images” doesn’t work anymore. but it did.

i use a “iLightBox” as my standard lightbox. so far so well. created a gallery in new page, just as this shortcode:

[gallery theme=”photomosaic” ids=”181,191,180,184,182,177,190,187,189,188,185,176,186,183,192,179” orderby=”rand”]


i unchecked both “use default lightbox” & “use custom lightbox. and group images is of course checked.

lightbox now will only load 1 image.

any idea?


thx a lot. i testet it the following way:

in the page edit menu of wordpress, i have the shortcode:

[gallery theme=”photomosaic” ids=”... example numbers …”] i took away ‘theme’ so that it appears as a standard wordpress gallery, and then on frontend i tested it, and it worked. lightbox had it’s thumbnails, and loaded the whole image gallery



From the settings on the page it looks like you do, indeed, have Use Custom Lightbox checked. This directly conflicts with the settings you claimed to be using (in your initial post).

It also looks like you have left Lightbox REL blank. If you look at the notes in the Group Images setting you’ll see that it works with Lightbox REL.

Looking at your site’s source, it looks like UNCHECKing Use Custom Lightbox and setting Lightbox REL to ilightbox should be all you need to do.

If that doesn’t work, contact me directly via the form on my author page and provide me with admin-level access to your WP-Admin and I’ll get you up and running.


thank you very much for your super fast help!

works now!

use custom&use default are UNchecked, group is Checked, and only Lightbox REL is filled out with “ilightbox”, as you recommended.

i tried that before too, BUT with capitalization, so i wrote it this Not Working way: iLightBox… hmm. overlooked that :-)

thx a lot. again, GREAT mosaic. the very best i found on the web, and i’ve been searching intensely


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Love the plugin but i am having a problem making it fully responsive on my website.

Can you please take a look and help me?


Thank you!

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Never mind i got it :)


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Hi! have a problem with this plugin and the proxy of my company. I have v2.10 version and with this version i cant see the gallery photomosaic (the default gallery is ok), but if i change the configuration of Internet Properties from my web browser and “turn off use of proxies” all is ok . I test this with IE, Firefox and Chrome. i can see gallery in others web that using v2.8 Thanks in advance! MJ


If your mosaics aren’t loading then there should be a message in your browser’s console indicating the problem. If you don’t see the problem with v2.8 then the problem is probably that your proxy is preventing React (js lib) from being loaded from the CDN. Try to verify that that is the problem and figure out why your proxy is killing that request.

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Hi there, really liking this plugin. I’ve just got one small issue – i’ve set width, but I realised that thats fine when on desktop but when viewing on mobile it forces the same width, which messes up the rest of my site..

( my site is http://www.the-occasion.co.uk )

Is there a way to set a max-width, so the mosaic could potentially be smaller too?

Many thanks, Oscar


Yes, setting a fixed width will also produce a mosaic at the specified size. Like it says in the notes directly below the Width setting, “to insure a responsive mosaic, use a % value”.

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Hi Thank you for the speedy reply – i don’t seem to have an option to have a % width in the Global Settings section. Am I looking in the wrong area? ( screenshot – http://i1173.photobucket.com/albums/r592/oscarmay_/ScreenShot2015-01-21at131157_zps99939836.png )


I’m sorry. I’m confusing changes that will be in the next release.

But, the base sentiment still stands… as indicated by the note under Width, you need to set the width to 0 to have your mosaics respond to the size of their containers.

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Hello again,

I’m struggling with making the order of images be the way I set it in the wordpress gallery. i do understand that in order to create d a mosaic it has to use certain image over other ones but My client wants the first few images to be the best.

Everytime i re-arrange them in the gallery, nothing changes in the actual front end. http://ins-contractors.com/project_post/upper-east-side-penthouse/

Please advice!


In all likelihood, PhotoMosaic is correctly honoring the order of your images as set in the admin. If it wasn’t, more people would be screaming at me to fix it.

My hunch is that you’re trying to control which images appear along the top of the mosaic but that you have Order set to Columns (instead of Rows).

Also make sure, after you reorder the images and click “Update Gallery” in the Edit Gallery window, that you save the post (by clicking “Update” on the Edit Post page).

If I’m wrong and PhotoMosaic is truly ignoring the image, I’ll need access to you WP-Admin so I can see the problem first-hand. The form on my author page emails me directly. If you send me login credentials for your site I’ll take a look.

I want to have 6-22 columns with a masonry layout, is this possible? I just bought this plugin and it seems to only support up to 9. http://emediastudios.com.au/clients/grt/about-us/clients/

Setting Columns to 6-22 means that when PhotoMosaic chooses the number of columns to render it won’t go lower than 6 or higher than 22.

That you aren’t seeing more than 9 means that, given the size of your browser, PhotoMosaic thinks things would look good with 9 columns. 9 is greater than 6 and less than 22 so PhotoMosaic see it as an acceptable number of columns.

Hi, today I had a problem displaying the images from a Nextgen Gallery that generated the error

array_count_values() [function.array-count-values]: Can only count STRING and INTEGER values!

Upon further investigation it turned out to be a problem image that once deleted cleared the error. Although whilst looking at the code that generated the error I noticed a potential bug. Now I am no PHP expert but shouldn’t
$width_count = ($widths);
$width_count = array_count_values($widths);

as it is for the $heights array in the following code?

            $width_count = ($widths);
            $width_val = array_search( max($width_count), $width_count );

            $height_count = array_count_values($heights);
            $height_val = array_search( max($height_count), $height_count );

You’re absolutely right, $width_count = ($widths); would be wrong if it were, indeed, the case. When I look at the code, however, the line you’re talking about is correct ($width_count = array_count_values($widths);).

I downloaded the current ZIP from CodeCanyon (just in case) and everything looked right there as well. If you redownload is the typo present in your ZIP?

Is it possible that you accidentally deleted it when searching for array_count_values – you know, accidentally hitting the spacebar when stepping through ‘find’ results in your IDE? It’s something I do all the time.

As for the bad image throwing an error… I’ve been aware of this edge-case for a while but I’ve never been able to reproduce it in a dev environment so I haven’t found a way to counter it. If you still have the bad image and find the non-STRING/INTEGER value that it’s reporting for its height or width… that’d be incredibly helpful.



I have just checked the download and yes you are of course correct and the code is right. Although I was looking at the copy from the website but as you say I must have inadvertently deleted it!!!

With regards to the image I printed out the contents of both height and width arrays and in both arrays the values showed as empty.

When I looked at the image in the Nextgen gallery it was evidently corrupt so I just deleted it so unfortunately cannot recreate the problem.

Thanks for response and excellent plugin :)