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The plugin is not working. I tested it with a paypal button and using paypal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) simulator and nothing gets filled into the database. What can be causing this problem?


Many thanks for buying our plugin.

If you send us the following information, we will take a look at your set up, and get you up and running. The things we need are: 1. URL of your site. 2. WordPress admin login details (so that we can check the set up). 3. Phpmyadmin login details (so that we can see the IPN table in the database, to check what it’s receiving from PayPal).

You can email these details to us at contact@outerbridge.co.uk and we’ll have a look at it today.

Regards ^Mike

Please see my private e-mail to you. I still haven’t heard from you regarding your PayPal button – can you confirm you’re ok now?




Very cool.

Before I setup woo, I going to use the paypal shopping cart (PSC). However, with that plugin I have to rely on paypal to give me the 3 key shopping datas: sku, ordernumber, customernumber. These three fields are on multiple rows of information in a spreadsheet from paypal.

With the PSC I’ll bulk upload the paypal shortcode links via csv importer to thousands of posts in a pinterest clone. Some posts may have many product numbers for the user to add to their cart. They will have to place a series of three to 5 items in the cart. It would be nice if your script would handle that like the PSC.

Also, there is no way to bundle/group with the PSC. Your code would be fantastic if the user could not check out without having to have the user to place the 3 to 5 items in the cart before checkout. This could be done via the shortcode and/or some key declaring an item as part of an xstep group. It could simply refer to a csv file. Then, you’d have a Paypal IPN for bundled/grouped products.



It doesn’t download any data – its purpose is to ensure that the logged-in user’s payment is correctly assigned to that person within WordPress. It doesn’t matter what the product is – if you are using a button to record a product, it will include the product details in the dashboard, but you are limited to what the PayPal buttons can do. I like your idea for a bundling plugin though – will give it some thought.

Hi, I see I think.

People might use their spouse’s paypal email to pay via paypal, but their logged in email is different. I was modifying the user php registration so they place both emails on file. Does this script ensures both agree?

Cheers J.

The email used for the transaction is logged and you can see both on the Transactions page in the admin area. There’s no requirement for the email addresses to agree; indeed that’s the point of this plugin – it allows the logged-in user to make a payment via the PayPal IPN and for it to be recorded against the WordPress user, regardless of email addresses that they’ve used in WP and PayPal.

Regards ^Mike


If I would like wordpress to do some commands whenever a payment is made (for example, insert a new row in wp_usermeta for that user, etc. ) , where should I put those commands inside the plugin source code?

Thanks, Narin

Hi Narin

Thanks for buying our plugin.

It sounds like you’re looking to do some fairly complex things here, so firstly please have a read of section 4 of the readme.html file which is entitled “Set Up WordPress Using Objects”, and explains what’s available.

There are several ways of doing what you’re looking at, for example, you could use the following in your theme:
if (isset($obr_paypal_ipn->values->mc_gross) && ($obr_paypal_ipn->values->mc_gross)){
    // Amount received so do the following...

You mention putting commands inside the plugin source code but, as and when we release updates, these will get wiped and you’ll need to change your code again. So this is not the best way of doing what you want. If you want to make changes on the plugin side, rather than the theme side, I’d recommend extending the class and adapting your own “obr_check_for_successful_payment” and/or “obr_successful_payment” methods within the extended plugin.

Hope this helps.

Regards ^Mike

ok, i will have a look at it.

Hi. Two questions. 1. Can it be used for an online store, in other words, can one integrate it into a site that has different items for sale? 2. Is there a feature that enables buyer to be returned back to our site after paypal payment.


1. Yes. The plugin isn’t a store in itself, but it can help you assign payments to the logged in user. 2. Yes. If you have a look at our demo site, you’ll can see how a transaction takes you through to PayPal and then back to the demo site.

Regards ^Mike

The plugin used to work fine. However, recently there has been a few problem. 1. I got this error from the menu

2.the menu on the admin dashboard seems to show up or overlapped with menu of other plugins.

Any advice?

Hi Narin We haven’t changed the plugin since you purchased it, and I can’t see reference to anything in the image that relates to an error created by our plugin. Have you installed any other plugins recently, as I suspect that one of these is causing the problem.

I suggest that you disable any recently installed plugins; re-enable them one-by-one and identify which is causing the problem.

Please let me know how you get on.

Regards ^Mike

Pre-sale questions please:
1. is there an easy way of adding (pre-formatted) email notifications?
2. I am using PayPal chained payments – can this plugin cope with this?

Many thanks

Hi Rob,

1. No easy way, I’m afraid. We could customise this for you though, if required. 2. Unfortunately, the plugin does not cope with chained payments. Again, this could be customised.

If you would like us to quote for any customisations, please send an email to contact@outerbridge.co.uk with a detailed specification of your requirements.


I can’t make it work. Can you support?


To provide you with the support you require, we deal with all our post-sales support queries via http://outerbridge.freshdesk.com/

Please log your query there and provide us with as much information as possible to help us resolve your query.

Regards Mike

hi, I would like to buy your plugin, but I would like to know if you can use it for this purpose: I need to use it to make some phone cards, then to my every user is associated with a phone number. So the customer will buy a richera from 5, 10, etc, and if you purchase through your plugin will fail’ll use my API to be able to recharge the phone. you can make changes to get this result?

This is a duplicate comment – please see my reply on the User Credits plugin support page.

I was unable to get this plugin to work successfully. Perhaps, this plugin does not seem to support subscriptions.

This is disappointing and I don’t understand why you’ve given us a 1 star review on CodeCanyon. We offered to help via our support desk, and we asked for logon details but none were provided. A review in these circumstances seems hasty and unfair, as we have not been given a chance to investigate the problem. ^Penny


NAIJULU Purchased

I receive this message from Paypal, and no storage in DB the payments:

Hello Publicize,

Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) messages. Messages sent to the following URL are not being received:


If you do not recognize this URL, you may be using a service provider that is using IPN on your behalf. Please contact your service provider with the above information.

Once you or your service provider fix this problem, you or your service provider can resend the failed messages from the IPN History page. If this problem continues, PayPal may disable the IPN feature for your account.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this issue.

Thanks, PayPal


It sounds like there’s a problem with your PayPal button, but please raise this on our support desk, and we will investigate. http://outerbridge.freshdesk.com

Regards Mike