PageLoader: A WP Preloader With Content Slide-in

PageLoader: A WP Preloader With Content Slide-in

PageLoader is a tiny, super customizable WordPress preloader plugin that gives all your content an animated loading screen. Filled with customization options, the preloader can be adjusted and modified to suit your exact needs; use one of the included icons and add app-like page transitions to your website, or upload your own logo, background image, customize all other aspects of the preloader and use it as a one-of-a-kind branding tool.

Proven history & quality

PageLoader is a preloader plugin with a solid development history; simply put, it is the longest-developed, most-updated, biggest-selling WordPress preloader plugin on the market. Originally released over two years ago, PageLoader has been receiving meaningful updates ever since. The 2.0 update – released in early summer of 2016 – not only adds several new features but is also a massive refresh of the preloader’s codebase which sets it up for even more developments in the future. In other words, we will continue to pack in more and more value to PageLoader in the coming months and years.

Massively customizable

Thanks to the Live Customizer integration, editing the preloader is super fast and ridiculously easy; just point and click, zero programming skills required. Among the preloader’s options are settings to color customize every single element, upload your own images, change animation types and speeds, alter icon sizes, show the loading screen on touch devices only, enable an unobtrusive yet memorable content slide-down animation, show the preloader on the front page only (great for a unique ‘welcome screen’), and so on, and so on.

Be sure to have a look at the image below to get all the nitty-gritty customization and settings details about the preloader, all laid out one-by-one. And if you have pre-purchase questions, we’ll be most happy to answer them.

Another important thing to note is that the preloader is designed to work everywhere. It has been tested on desktop browsers along with a variety of iOS, Android and Windows devices. It just works.

PageLoader: A WP Preloader With Content Slide-in

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UPDATE 2.0 (June 22, 2016)
Update 2.0 is a massive re-build and modernization of PageLoader, with which we are demonstrating our on-going dedication to the preloader's development. Now 30% lighter than before, this update includes codebase changes both big and small, the more notable of which is how the preloader's customization is handled, with all customization options now residing in the WordPress Live Customizer. Because of this, if you purchased PageLoader before version 2.0, please re-enter your customization settings under "Appearance > Customize > PageLoader Plugin". Thanks to being able to preview your customizations in real-time, setting up PageLoader exactly as you see fit is now much, much faster and convenient than before.

With several new customization options and additional features already planned, you will only see more value packed into this nifty little WordPress preloader plugin. And as always, all updates are free.

Here is the complete changelog for PageLoader v2.0:

- Due to codebase rewrite and optimizations, PageLoader is now 30% lighter than before, even with all the new features that were added in this update
- Moved all customization settings to the WordPress real-time customizer
- Added alternate animation style which scales the loading icon/image upon load completion
- Added option to set custom load delay
- A background image can now be added to the loading screen (as either a pattern or full-size)
- Added option to change background image opacity
- Added optional animated dots under loading text (very useful if you are for example showing a static logo as the loading image but would still like to convey progress to the visitor)
- Color of animated dots can be changed
- Changed loading text font to a more neutral one
UPDATE 1.8 (January 18, 2016)
- Added fade-in/out animation option (useful if you use a logo image as the loading indicator for example)
UPDATE 1.7 (December 08, 2014)
- Added option to replace loading icon with an image
UPDATE 1.6 (November 17, 2014)
- Added option to show loading screen on front page only
UPDATE 1.5 (September 20, 2014)
- Added new feature: a close button will now appear after 7 seconds, allowing users to get past the loading screen if for example a third-party embed takes too long to load
QUICK FIX UPDATE (no version change, August 07, 2014)
- Fixed situation where the loading icon would still get shown when PageLoader was hidden per post/page; both the background and icon are now hidden properly when said option is chosen.
UPDATE 1.4 (July 02, 2014)
- Custom loading text can now be added below the icon
- Added option to change background opacity
- Icon spin animation can now be disabled
UPDATE 1.3 (March 09, 2014)
- Added option to show PageLoader on mobile devices only (great if you want to add app-like page transitions to your mobile site)
- Added option to disable the page slide-in animation
UPDATE 1.2 (March 03, 2014)
- the plugin now comes with a settings page that allows users to:
--- pick from a selection of icons
--- change the icon size
--- change the icon animation direction
--- change the icon animation speed
UPDATE 1.1 (February 08, 2014)
 - the PageLoader loading screen can now be disabled for specific posts/pages

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