PageLoader: A WP pre-loader with content slide-in

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Please note: A standalone version of the PageLoader plugin is also available.

PageLoader: A WordPress pre-loader with content slide-in

PageLoader is a tiny, customizable WordPress plugin that gives all your posts and pages an animated loading screen. It also adds a nifty slide-in animation to all your content; as the loading screen fades away, your content slides down in an unobtrusive yet memorable way.

It’s a great and lightweight way to add spice to any WordPress theme. Simply install the plugin, and your site will instantly boast a little extra pizazz! :) Optionally, you can color customize the loading screen as well as the icon with just a few clicks, and give them both any color you choose. You can also choose from a selection of loading icons, change its size, speed and animation orientation.

Other options include showing the loading screen on mobile devices only and disabling the page slide-down animation.

The PageLoader screen can also be disabled on specified posts and pages.

And, it works everywhere. It’s been tested on desktop browsers along with a variety of iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Fantastic support

Should you have questions, you can rest easy in knowing we’ll be here to answer them in a speedy manner. Here’s what just a few of our customers have to say about PageLoader:


UPDATE 1.6 (November 17, 2014)
- Added option to show loading screen on front page only
UPDATE 1.5 (September 20, 2014)
- Added new feature: a close button will now appear after 7 seconds, allowing users to get past the loading screen if for example a third-party embed takes too long to load
QUICK FIX UPDATE (no version change, August 07, 2014)
- Fixed situation where the loading icon would still get shown when PageLoader was hidden per post/page; both the background and icon are now hidden properly when said option is chosen.
UPDATE 1.4 (July 02, 2014)
- Custom loading text can now be added below the icon
- Added option to change background opacity
- Icon spin animation can now be disabled
UPDATE 1.3 (March 09, 2014)
- Added option to show PageLoader on mobile devices only (great if you want to add app-like page transitions to your mobile site)
- Added option to disable the page slide-in animation
UPDATE 1.2 (March 03, 2014)
- the plugin now comes with a settings page that allows users to:
--- pick from a selection of icons
--- change the icon size
--- change the icon animation direction
--- change the icon animation speed
UPDATE 1.1 (February 08, 2014)
 - the PageLoader loading screen can now be disabled for specific posts/pages

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