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Hi I’m looking to create locked content that unlocks when someone enters a postal code that matches a service area. Could your plugin do something like that? Like a zipcode. So 123* will allow unlocks? A bit of a stretch from subscribers, please let me know your thoughts :)

Hi. Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t have such feature. You need hire developer to modify the plugin or create new plugin from scratch. It is not quick modification. Unfortunately, I’m not available for freelance work.


I am really interested in your plugin. How is realized the content locking ? With javascript ? What I want to know is if Google will be able to access the content if it’s locked ?


Hi. It has 2 ways to block content: hard block – content is not visible for google, soft lock – content is visible for search engines;

Hi there,

I emailed you using other form, but think this may be quicker. The shortcodes aren’t working for me, they show up as text on the website. Other shortcodes are working though. Is there something I’m missing? have tried it in both posts and pages.


Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Please provide URL of the page where you use content locker and access to WP dashboard. I’ll check and let you know what it wrong. ;-)

Hi, I’m looking for a content locker that shows a certain iframe of ads or picture ads that has a timer like 5 seconds, after that the user can choose to skip the ads to view my content, is that doable with this plugin? if so I’ll jump right in!

Hi. Unfortunately, no.

Hi. Regarding cookies, let’s say I have 10 pages with locked content. If a visitor subscribes on one page will the locked content on other pages become visible or he will have to subscribe 10 times?

Hi. All content become visible.

Hi there,

I’d like to use this plugin as a security measure for a client that only wants people already on their mailing list to access content which will be distributed in a quarterly newsletter.

Assuming the entire site is locked, my questions are:

1) Once someone has subscribed do they need to re-enter their details for every piece of content? 2) How are people already on a MyMail list validated so that they don’t need to unlock the site on every page refresh? 3) Without creating dedicated accounts how are subscriptions managed?

Thank you for your time :)

Hi. 1) No. 2) People are not validated. If person never submitted the plugin’s form, content will be locked. 3) This is not subscription manager.

Thanks for this plugin. its really grat i love it but its only working for me on pcbrowsers like mozilla cgrome, etc but not on mobile device like ucweb browser and sometimes opera mini

Unfortunately, I don’t see badge “purchased” near your username.

Hi, this plugin seems to do exactly what I’m looking for. However, 2 issues:

1. When I update the Name and Email placeholders in the settings, this is not being reflected on the front end.

2. On the front end, the placeholder text is not removed automatically when the user clicks in the field. The user has to delete the placeholder text before entering his own info.


Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. 1. Please don’t forget to clear cache when you change plugin’s settings. 2. Please provide URL where I can see the problem and access to WP dashboard. I’ll check.

Yep, it was a browser cache issue. Stupid me. Nice work on the plugin! Does exactly what I need it to.


I’m interested in purchasing your plugin, however, I have two questions:

1. Can you attach subscribers to specific groups within a Mailchimp form, or does it only go as deep as lists? 2. Can you create multiple locked content sign-up forms to be used on different pages?

Thank you!

Hi. 1. Unfortunately, no. 2. Yes, but once user subscribed all locked content will be available.

Will this work with Feedburner Email Subscription?


Why? This should be an option! Feedburner is easy to use and is spread out through most people who just wanna start in this online business. Too bad man!

At that moment I don’t have plans to integrate it. Reason: https://developers.google.com/feedburner/

Pre buy question – is possible to verify the users email by sending some verification url to email?

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Is it possible to add more fields to have other information submitted, like company name, tel number, etc. ?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature. Only 2 fields: name and e-mail.

This plugin notifies the owner of the web that someone subscribed and I file has been downloaded ? You can add more fields to the form like asking profession?

Unfortunately, you can’t add custom fields. Only 2 fields: name and email.


ronorme Purchased

Hi, I have built a test page and then filled in my email details. The data has not flowed through to Campaign Monitor yet – how long does this take normally. My site supports CURL Thanks

Usually it goes to AC at the same moment. If something doesn’t work, please provide access to WP dashboard and URL where I can see the form. I’ll check.


ronorme Purchased

It is not working still. Happy to let you have access, but cannot put the login details here as it is not private. Can you suggest how to do this, thanks.

Hi. You can send login details through Support tab.

If we lock content, can it be unlocked if a user logs in? Or does a logged in user still have to enter information to unlock the content?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature. User must subscribe to unlock the content.


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Hello, I need to add a dropdown field to match a costum list field in aweber, how can I do this?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature. You need hire someone to modify the plugin.

Pre Purchase Question

I would like to hide few info and on form submission that info should go to two emails, can we do that ?

Can we Pop-up Contact Form 7 instead of your form ?

Can we add extra fields on your form ?


Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t fit your requirements.

at least can we add few extra fields on your form like Phone Number ?

Thanx for your reply :)

Unfortunately, no.

Nice plugin, can I restrict content by predefined code such as password, zip code, postal code, postcode? I am looking to show content for specific locations, I am not sure if this can work using your plugin
thank you

I got that, my question is can i restrict access by using predefined numbers,letters..etc, or the user must enter email address? what I meant to say can this restrict part of the content using code?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.