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would like to be able to feed this to woocomerce autoresponder or woocommerce members is this possible?

Hi. Unfortunately, no.

Hi there – can the form fields be changed to include “company” for example?


Is this plug-in compatible with WordPress 4.4.1??

Yes. All my plugins are compatible with latest WP. ;-)

Pre-sales question.

I won’t ask if I can “change the form fields (eg to match my Mailchimp list) so it’s not just name and email” as this is seems to be the most FAQ here and the answer is “Unfortunately nope”. Understood.

So could I just ask:

1. Do you have any plans to add such a feature in the near future (given the clear and understandable demand)?

2. In your opinion would a competent professional developer be able to modify the plugin to provide such a feature relatively easily (eg within 2 days) or would it be more complicated than that (understanding that such a modification would not be supported in any way).

Many Thanks.

Thanks – one more thing if I may:

What if an email address is already in my Mailchimp list? Is there a proper sync or does it get duplicated?

MailChimp doesn’t allow to add the same e-mail several times.

ok – thanks – bought anyway – nice plugin.

Shortcode approach causes probs with several pagebuilders – would be great to have option of locking / unlocking content using a class instead (eg I can apply a class to a section and use that). I know it doesn’t have this but a suggestion.

Thanks for idea.

Do you have a PHP or Jquery version of this?


i have visual composer and its leaving the [/optinlocker] on the bottom because its separated in the code

You need use shortcode properly. Wrap content without overlapping shortcodes.

inside visual composer – has modules that are built in , and its giving me this error http://frontmidback.com/ceo-interview/ so i need a short code inside of it, its holding the jwplayer that is inside the modual of visual composer but showing the item its suppose to be protecting, and showing the shortcode http://frontmidback.com/ceo-interview/ as seen here http://frontmidback.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/optin.jpg

ok thanks its working now

Are optins unique? Meaning if I lock content A and someone unlocked content B they won’t have access to content A? Or does one unlocked optin unlock them all?

Once user submit email, all locked content will be unlocked.