Opening Hours - Wordpress Business Hours Plugin

Opening Hours is an easy-to-use wordpress plugin for displaying your business hours. It allows you and/or your clients to set up and maintain business hours in an intuitive and complete visual way. No more spaghetti-code in your sidebar!


  • “We’re Open” Widget (details below)
  • Business Hours Widget (details below)
  • Custom time formats and time zones
  • intuitive and fully visual editor
  • Shortcode to display business hours in posts
  • Language support (details below)
  • AJAX-driven administration panel
  • Works with any widgetized theme
  • Bonus: .PSD Templates for the “We’re Open”-Widget included
  • Detailed documentation included

Business Hours Widget

Opening Hours activates a customizable widget that displays your configured business hours on your website. It supports different languages, the Wordpress time format and time zones.

“We’re Open” Widget

The “We’re Open” Widget is an additional widget that displays to your customers, if your business is either currently open or closed and makes use of the configured business hours to do so. It is also customizable in every aspect and comes with premade templates (+ .PSD files) out of the box.

Language Support

Opening Hours supports custom languages. It comes with already translated .PO and .MO files in the following languages:

  • english (admin and widgets)
  • german (admin and widgets)
  • spanish (widgets only)
  • french (widgets only)
  • italian (widgets only)


Version 1 - Release
Version 1.1 - Recursive widgets, shortcodes, function to manually close business
Version 1.1.1 - Localization bug fixed, added autoupdate feature


Need help?

If you got any issues with the set, feel free to write us a ticket ( Or just take a look into the documentation for more ways to get in touch with us.