Open House Theme Options - Test Drive Options

Let your potential theme buyers preview your WordPress Theme Customizer options panel, before buying!

You can also see Open House Theme Options in use here.

If your new WordPress theme uses the new WordPress Theme Customizer (since 3.4) then you’ll know the amazing power of using this as your themes options panel.

Open House Theme Options is a plugin for theme developers. It’s function is to allow your potential theme buyers to view your WordPress Theme Customizer based Theme Options Panel without logging into your WordPress backend.

Your potential theme buyers will be able to view, use, and preview changes made with the WordPress Theme Customizer, in real time, and all without saving those changes and ruining your demo.

Open House therefore, creates a true theme options test drive experience for your potential buyers, with the intention of increasing sales and awareness of your awesome theme options.

Set-up takes 2 mins, install Open House, and then add a single link (or multiple) anywhere in your site taking your visitors straight to your theme options page. That’s it!

There’s no catch, this truly is a beautiful replacement for the old javascript colour pickers we’re all bored of, and saves you time and effort in the long run, just build your theme options as you normally would, install Open House and go!


  1. Users cannot save theme options, which is obviously great, but it means no image uploads, so if you want to let your customers try out a logo, you’ll need to add a plain text option for them to enter the URL.
  2. Site Title and Tagline are hidden from the theme options panel.
  3. Users need to get to your site first, and then be taken through to your theme options, a direct link isn’t possible, a hit on your site is required first, and then linking through to the theme options

Note: Open House requires that you’re using the WordPress Theme Customizer, does not work with third party options panels.