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Hi there, I have over 200 images that I need displayed.

Will this gallery be able to support that number?

The gallery does not impose any limits on the number of items/images you may have, but the loading time will definitely increase.

I’d like to display photos just from one album on picasa. however when i try to do that, it doesn’t work. here’s the page that’s not working: http://simchadaycamp.com/?page_id=700 here is a screenshot of my settings, where i selected album, and pasted the album id (i pulled the album id from the rss feed – maybe that was wrong?) https://simchadaycamp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/screenshot-copy.jpg

I’m sorry – another issue: I created two new nova galleries which correspond to two new albums. I place them one above the other on this page: http://simchadaycamp.com/?page_id=700 However, two issues: 1. the bottom gallery is not working and 2. the photos that should be in the bottom gallery (they’re in the second album) are for some reason showing up in the top gallery which is supposed to be showing the first album. Help! Thank you

You can only have one gallery instance in a single post/page. This has been mentioned in the documentation.

oh – sorry

Hi! I am interested in your plugin but need to be sure it will be suitable for my site. Can you provide a link to a demo admin page OR the documentation please? Thanks.

You can look at the screenshots provided in the item page.


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We added photos to gallery sets but they are not rendered on the website. www.westportsaloon.com/photos/

What is album one? If you are referring to the albums view of Nova Gallery then that part is not dependent on Masonry.

Ok, I understand now, but still follow the steps that I described before.