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Hi there, I have over 200 images that I need displayed.

Will this gallery be able to support that number?

The gallery does not impose any limits on the number of items/images you may have, but the loading time will definitely increase.

I’d like to display photos just from one album on picasa. however when i try to do that, it doesn’t work. here’s the page that’s not working: http://simchadaycamp.com/?page_id=700 here is a screenshot of my settings, where i selected album, and pasted the album id (i pulled the album id from the rss feed – maybe that was wrong?) https://simchadaycamp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/screenshot-copy.jpg

I’m sorry – another issue: I created two new nova galleries which correspond to two new albums. I place them one above the other on this page: http://simchadaycamp.com/?page_id=700 However, two issues: 1. the bottom gallery is not working and 2. the photos that should be in the bottom gallery (they’re in the second album) are for some reason showing up in the top gallery which is supposed to be showing the first album. Help! Thank you

You can only have one gallery instance in a single post/page. This has been mentioned in the documentation.

oh – sorry

Hi! I am interested in your plugin but need to be sure it will be suitable for my site. Can you provide a link to a demo admin page OR the documentation please? Thanks.

You can look at the screenshots provided in the item page.

We added photos to gallery sets but they are not rendered on the website. www.westportsaloon.com/photos/

What is album one? If you are referring to the albums view of Nova Gallery then that part is not dependent on Masonry.

Ok, I understand now, but still follow the steps that I described before.

I purchased this plugin and having an issue with the mosiac/tiled thumbnail layout. There are large gaps between some rows where the image orientation is portrait instead of landscape. Have you done anything to account for this? Otherwise, a grid layout would work if you provided more configurability (max height that resizes portrait images). Unfortunately, this is not entirely usable this way and your demo only provides one row of images which is a little misleading. Help!

The images have an initial float left style but that is overridden by the masonry plugin, which uses absolute positioning. The problem in your page is happening because the masonry plugin is being activated before the images are loaded properly. I saw that your Google Calendar plugin uses the imagesLoaded script, which can interfere with the version supplied by Nova Gallery. So that is why you should disable that plugin and try again.

Yes, I have disabled all plugins and the issue persists. The Google Calendar plugin has been disabled. Can you set up a demo that works with Picasa in this way to confirm that it does work?

Contact me through my profile page message box and provide me with your Picasa parameters and I will set up a demo for you.

Hello again. I didn’t realize you had responded to my previous comment. Regarding the layout issue with the grid view, I changed to the 2013 theme and see the same layout issue. See on DEV site below linked:


Selecting the album named “Service” has a variety of image aspect ratios where this issue appears for me.

On my browsers, the images show with vertical gaps where there are images that are taller than others. Are you seeing the same?

Thanks. I disabled box-sizing style in style.css and still see the same issue. Any other suggestions? This is both within the twenty-thirteen theme and my child theme..

Also, shouldn’t the options below (which is set and checked) crop the image thumbnails in the grid view so that all images are the same size?

Related options below:

Picasa thumbnail size: Choose the thumbnail size for Picasa photos. (Set to 288)

Crop thumbnails: If this option is selected and you mention the dimensions of the thumbnails then the image will be cropped to the specified size, else it will be scaled maintaining aspect ratio.

Please post your comments using the wweadmin account.


ukirez Purchased

Hi there,

Are you able to revisit the ordering of albums (when pulling a Collection) from Picasa? The order seem to be mostly random, instead of how it displays in Picasa Web Albums…



ukirez Purchased

Thanks for the quick reply!

So… whatever somewhat random way the Google Picasa API retrieves them? I am using a Picasa gallery plugin in Joomla on another site that has no problem ordering the albums from latest to oldest.

Can you look into how this can be achieved? This doesn’t meet our needs otherwise and the Item Details of this plugin say you can order how images are displayed from Picasa… this is a bit misleading?

The item description states that you can choose one of the available ordering options that Picasa provides to order your photos.

Anyway, I will take a look into making the albums appear in the same order as they are in Picasa.


ukirez Purchased

That would be really great, thanks!

Hello, Nilok

I have a new question for you. How is the order determined for the display of the Picasa collection albums? I notice the albums don’t appear to follow a specific order (alphabetical by album name or publish date). And is this something that is configurable? I don’t see an option other than to randomize which I don’t want. We ideally want albums to display in date order from newest to oldest or by filename since the album name begins with the date.


Oops, I see the “Number of albums to show” configuration item here. This will work as long as I the display order can be sorted by “Album Date” which Picasa allows. Then I can display the most recent 28 albums and the link to the PicasaWeb site to view all public albums. Would this be possible to obtain from the feed? The Album Date and then provide a sort by? Thanks.

I am not yet sure, I will look into this when I can.

Thank you. It will be helpful to control the order of display. Difficult for people to find latest photos if they must search through to find them. Newest to oldest will be best by album date or even upload date. Google Photos appears to not support a separate album date field, so this may be an issue.

hello, i just purchased this plugin but when I insert the code on a page it creates a blank space on top and when I scroll down it shows the website itself…. Any idea why whis white space is being created?

There is an iframe being injected into your page and your theme’s css is applying a height of 100% to it. Disable your plugins one by one to find out which one is injecting the iframe.

Pre-Sale Question Is it possible to autolaunch a gallery slideshow with this plugin. Specifically, I want to have an image on a page linked to a post with a gallery I have created and have launch that gallery within a lightbox. Thanks in advance.

You want to launch the entire gallery itself inside a lightbox?

hi, i need a plugin that can display my picasa albums in my site, without uploading all the photos to the server. can i use it?

Yes, this plugin supports pulling of Picasa photos.

hello, just purchased… im having trouble with the display of the gallery. i read all the documantation but couldnt find solution. this is the link to a page with the gallery shortcode: http://ctl.co.il/2314-2/ ive checked also in FF IE10, and nothing. please help

The photos from Picasa are being pulled but for some reason the gallery container is unable to exit from the loading state and is reduced to zero height.

Please disable all your other plugins and see if that solves the problem. If it does then enable one plugin afer the other to find the culprit. If that does not work then use the plugin in the default WP theme, and if it works there then some script from your theme is interfering.

Hi Cosmo, unfortunatly, probably the theme is not compatible, is there a chance for a refund? i cant change the theme of the site. thank you

Can you identify which script from your theme is causing the problem? Maybe we can resolve the conflict. But if you don’t want to proceed any further then please contact Support at CodeCanyon for a refund.


I’m looking for a similar product for showing images from flickr. My question is: i the plugin able to import and show also titles and descriptions from Flickr?

Thanks a lot

Thanks for your interest!

The plugin can indeed pull image titles and descriptions from Flickr.