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Nice Notifications is a notification bar plugin for WordPress 3+. Design and compose your own alerts, notification bars, social bars, tweet rolls, and pretty much anything you like with awesome effects and an easy to edit drag-n-drop visual composer.


  • Visual Drag & Drop composer.
  • Auto update from private repository.
  • Responsive Layout.
  • Show re-open tag for closed notifications.
  • Use your favourite shortcodes on it.
  • Automatic display & hide of notification bars.
  • Unlimited layers / elements per notification bar.
  • Layer In/Out animations with configurable delay & speed.
  • Style each layer independently with inline CSS.
  • Embed widgets on your notification bars.
  • Google Web Fonts compatible.
  • 360+ Awesome Icons 3.2.1.
  • Compatible with 3rd party plugins
    • WooCommerce
    • WPML
    • Contact Form 7
  • Internationalization ready
    • Default language: english
    • Latin spanish
  • Select what alert is displayed on what page/post.
  • Select what users the alert is displayed to.
    • Logged users: select role access.
    • Non logged users.
    • Everyone.
  • Remember bars status (if it was closed).
  • Drag & Drop ordering of Layers.


= 1.0.1 [2013-11-14]
* FIX: widget layer.
= 1.0 [2013-10-28]
* FEATURE: added compatibility with other AlchemyThemes plugins.
* UPDATE: removed google web fonts from main css.
* FIX: shows all posts (more than 10) on post/page edit page.
* FIX: slow down problem with WordPress 3.7.
* FIX: added compatibility with WordPress 3.7 post-new.php file.
= 0.9 [2013-09-08]
* FEATURE: notification bar drop-shadow options.
* FEATURE: notification bar border options.
* UPDATE: added sliders for general numeric options easy edition.
* UPDATE: backend general bar options styling.
* FIX: bug when showing alerts on pages that included blog posts widget.
* FIX: bug with hash character on colorpicker on certain wordpress versions.
= 0.8 [2013-08-25]
* FEATURE: added links target property.
* FEATURE: added clone option to duplicate alert bars.
* FEATURE: added 'homepage only' to display options.
* FEATURE: added font selection on button layers.
* FIX: bug with two images replacing each other.
* FIX: bug with layer ids.
* FIX: color picker positioning on older wordpress versions.
* FIX: Icons showing incorrectly on the visual composer.
* FIX: responsiveness now working better than before. Percentual positioning.
* FIX: some problems with buttons.
= 0.7 [2013-07-17]
* FEATURE: added private repository for automatic updates (experimental).
* FEATURE: included standalone Iris color-picker for older WP versions.
* UPDATE: visual composer styles.
* FIX: added compatibility for Kipoo and any other modded Font Awesome themes
* FIX: removed $.fn.fantbastic check on older versions of WordPress.
= 0.6 [2013-07-10]
* UPDATE: documentation.
* UPDATE: remembered alerts start as minimized when they can be reopened.
* FIX: reopen tags bug when there was floating-bottom alerts.
* FIX: changed a jquery .on() event for .click(). Some themes were having problems.
* FIX: link on icons and images.
* FIX: problem with social widget e-mail icon.
* FIX: social widget texts.
= 0.5 [2013-07-04]
* FEATURE: re-open notification tag (multiple tags get ordered).
* FEATURE: spanish translation added [es_LA].
* FEATURE: help tooltips on back-end options.
* UPDATE: notification bar ordering now done with 'order' variable.
* FIX: notification bars drag and drop ordering removed. Was causing many problems.
* FIX: awesome icons line-height
= 0.4 [2013-07-02]
* FIX: close button css fix
* FIX: google web fonts sometimes not working on mac front-end.
= 0.3  [2013-07-02]
* FEATURE: edit close button style.
* FIX: very bad bug where posts were being shown in the wrong order.
* FIX: changed close button position to extreme right.
* FIX: preview close button on visual composer.
* FIX: added help tooltips on global options.
= v0.2 [2013-07-01]
* FEATURE: display notification to members (role filtering), non-members or everyone.
* FEATURE: Visual Composer: hide/show layers.
* FEATURE: use shortcodes on your caption layers.
* UPDATE: documentation
* FIX: floating notifications don't get hidden by admin bar.
* FIX: bootstrap themes + font awesome duplicated icons bug.
* FIX: line-height for responsive CSS.
* FIX: minimun font-size for responsive CSS changed to 14px.
* FIX: google web fonts select-box not closing.
* FIX: general options layout.
* FIX: colorpicker handle on themes with different ui standards.
= v0.1 [2013-06-30]
* Initial Release


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