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I am having a few issues with the way this form is displaying on my website, if you look here http://www.davesjoinery.com/contact-us/

The email icon is on the next line, The upload file button at the bottom has only half the text in the box and the captcha doesn’t look like its in alignment to me, but I’m not quite sure, how can these be fixed?



Hello, I have fixed the email icon, file upload button is still not displaying correctly.

Still waiting for advice on my last message.

Hello, Our contacts forms have stopped working! I did not change anything, and updated to the latest nForms and Wordpress.

The Submit button does not send the form through. When you click ‘Send’, the button text just changes to ’...’ and nothing else happens.

I don’t know how long this has been going on, but we have surely missed many contact forms, which is hurting our small business!

You can see for yourself here: http://www.taffyprint.com/contact/

Please help – we need this fixed right away! Thank you

you plan to make an update?

big bugs. Bugs in the demo interface. not make me want to buy the plugin. No response to other users No update


I want to have more than one button to submit files.

I need to add as many as my client needs. I know from a Joomla form extension that it can be done.

So why can’t it be done here?

This is not the ceapest extension at Codecanyon, so I expect more flexibilty and not to be told what I am allowed to as a client

Please give me a solution soon.




Sorry, but this isn’t possible :(


It msut be possible, because I have seen this feature working in a contact form extension for Joomla.

This extension gives the option to add multiple buttons to a form.

Otherwise you should enable the option to choose mutliple files. This is also possible, because I bought another contact form and there I can determine how many files the user is allowed to send with the message.

I can also determine what the maximum “weight” (in MB) of each file can be.

Maybe you should do an overhaul of this, quite cost intensive, extension. because the one I bought last night is way cheaper and offers more options.

Not really fond of your work.

Sorry I have to say that.

Best regards,

Rob van Linda

Before buying questions!

can I have a submit button on a question?


I am trying to make a repair order form and I would like that when you ask a question is there x number of buttons with the value that the user wishes

For example, What iPhone do you have? <button> Iphone 4 </ button> <- submit butten <button> Iphone 5 </ button> <- submit butten <button> Iphone 6 </ button> <- submit butten

And when you press one of the buttons, it goes on instead of pressing the “next” button

Is it possible to do it with your program?

BTW Your live demo do not Work.



Try this form builder: http://codecanyon.net/item/formcraft-premium-wordpress-form-builder/5335056

It succeeds FormCrafts.

Hi I have bought this, does it work with Headway themes? I have set it up and it looks a mess…can you advise please:


hello.. I have a problem about submit button…. SUBMIT BUTTON IS NOT WORKING IN FRONTEND PLEASE help me…..

https://realestatenews.com.tr/demir-la-vida/ this link.. submit button doesnt work.

I want to use nform.. its submit button doesnt work


We don’t provide support for nForms. We do provide support for FormCraft.

There is small square above each form I have created, can you help me fix that error. http://nimb.ws/VTHnzB
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Good morning, I need an option to inform the url source from the blog/page/post the form was send from? Can you help me please?


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Contact form captcha is not working. Is there a way to fix this?

not have the possibility to choose email, via the dropdown? (to select a specific recipient)


Sorry, nope. This is available in FormCraft, our other plugin.