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If you are looking for an advanced PHP form builder, with more features, try this
NOTE: nForms does not require any database. FormCraft works with SQLite, or MySQL.
NOTE: Customer support is no longer provided for nForms – Form Builder and Management


If you are looking for a WordPress-based form builder, click here

Live Preview

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Some Amazing Features

  1. Drag and drop builder. No coding knowledge required
  2. Multi-column form layout (new feature)
  3. Ajax-based form submission and validation. No page reloads.
  4. Responsive forms
  5. Use forms in a Popup Box
  6. Multiple File Uploader with progress bar. No flash needed.
  7. Use forms anywhere in the site with just three lines of code.
  8. Manage all the forms, submissions and files from one place.
  9. Well documented
  10. Excellent support

Choose From Over 15+ Field Types

Embed Google Maps, Videos, and Other Objects

nForms allows you to embed Google Maps, Videos, widgets, and several other objects anywhere in your forms.

Light and Dark Themes to Choose From

Carbon, debut, jeans, satin or the plain theme. Also on offer are themed styles for input fields – transparent fields, curvy fields, or the simple ones.

Form Submission Statistics

View All Form Submissions. Get Email Notifications.

You can access all the form submissions from the admin page. The entries can be sorted by various column heads. You can also export the entries into a spreadsheet.
For each form you can specify recipients who will receive the form submissions in their inbox.


To update the plugin, over-write the new files with the existing ones. Do not delete the existing files(s) / folder(s); simply over-write the ones which already exist. This way, you will retain all the data.

It is very important that you take a backup of the directory before over-writing.

After updating your plugin, please go through the forms you had made. You might have to remove and add some form elements again to make use of the inherent changes made to elements’ CSS and characteristics.

Version 1.3 (10th June, 2013)

  1. New Feature: Set Reply-To address for email fields
  2. New Feature: Made the forms a lot more responsive
  3. Increased auto-save time to 30 seconds
  4. Several small bug fixes

Version 1.2 (12th April, 2013)

  1. New Feature: Login requirement

Version 1.1 (5th April, 2013)

  1. Fixed a very crucial bug that was causing trouble with older PHPs
  2. Improved layout
  3. Improved email notifications
  4. Improved Lightbox
  5. Vertical stacking of columnar fields for mobile devices
  6. Documentation now accessible from the admin panel

We also have a hosted form builder solution