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Would you mind answer following question before I buy it?

I am using Godaddy reseller hosting package. Is your system work on it? I can provide a cpanel login for you to check it out if you want. I need the system able support 7000 subscriber.

1 how many email I can send out per day? 2 If I send a lot of email, will my provider block my outgoing service? any ideas? 3 I got 7000 records in csv format. can I import it? 4 After I send the newsletter, can I know who open, unsubscribe or bournce it? (I need on each email address) 5 On newsletter, will show your brand? 6 Can you install it for me?

thank you

Is it working 100% ? Does it work with 300.000 E-Mails + ? How long does it need to send ? Would prefer SMTP. How many resources would it take? HTML Newsletter are possible right ? How could I import the list ?

I was planning on getting this but support seems non existent any more. Made too much money?

Ok, I’ll check. Thank you for your help. Are you working on something that might work around these limitations?

No most hosting providers have these measures in place to stop spammers. However most will allow large amounts of legitimate emails, you’ll just have to check.

hi i am installing it on my sub domain http://subdomain.example.com/

but it redirects to http://www.example.com/subdomain-directory/

how to fix it… ?

Best to contact the hosting provider, it may be an issue there

no more updates for this script? i cant found a module for wordpress link is not correct :(

DTB – its me! Was doing a quick search for a stand alone Newsletter Generator for a new client. Have you given anymore thought to adding client led Newsletter services via UCM, with a client secure contact list – remember we spoke about it last year.

Anyway – looking for an easy to use Newsletter again :-) PS – Shall I carry another box out for you.


I am planning to buy this and i will integrate to my website, so that who every(My distributors who I approved) registered in my website can use this service.

So my company logo will be there at the end of the newsletters like sponsored by mywebsite.com/even my hosting server id/ip will also display in from address…

For example -shoe company using newsletter service and sending email too much(they will user there company id or personal email id ) and most of the user tagged to spam so Google found it and block there company so what every email they send it will go to the spam in gmail account.

For this reason will my company emails/IP address will also blocked?

If using separate SMTP details for each account then it should be fine. Check with the hosting provider, some have special email sending limits

Hi there

I would like now if I have three group A , group B and group C.
If all these group has subscriber having email id  a1234@gmail.com.

Now if I send a newsletter to Group A and subscriber having above email ID decide to unsubscribe for email from Group A.

Will he/she be unsubscribed from group B and group C  as well with Group A (as all three group has same email ID) or just Group A  and can continue to receive newsletter from for group B and group C.

the version php is valide can i purchage it?

Dear dtbaker,

First of all thank you for your simple and usable newsletter. I like very much using it.

I would like to ask you something.

I’m experiencing problems with my server when using the newsletter. I’ve got more than 500members ( 545 to be exact ). When sending pass the 400-450 usually my server drops and then needs restart.

Usually my newsletters contain images so each mail is about 5-6mb. You realize that 500mails * 5mb = 2.500 mb, so are a huge load for the server…

Is there any way to add a delay ( maybe 1-2 sec ) after each mail in order to reduce the server load Or maybe to send packs of 100mails every 10mins?

Thank you for your time