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debant Purchased

after last update I have a problem that any other page than Dashboard gives me File not found !?

aa2br Purchased

I think this update alert is an error.

diogoca Purchased

Seller/developer have abandoned the app?

ynhwebdev.de/ => Forbidden github.com/ynhwebdev => Deleted twitter.com/ynhwebdev => Outdated

Before, i have seen a video with design of new update. As a new layout with drag and drop. But at now, i don’t why app was abandoned. :depressed:

VERSION 1.395(13.JULY 2013 RELEASED)LAST UPDATE (((((( all fooled!!

Hi! As possible to subscribe on to the campaign already existing categories?

please check, demo link isn’t working

Is it possible to send mails without an unsubscribe button?

I can’t send using AWS SES config, the test works fine but only the test.

heaf2398 Purchased

Hello. Can I subscribed your messages about Newsletter Mailer v1.3 ?

waqaspuri Purchased

Hi, Is there any option to intigrate the email subscription form to our website to take parameters AS EMAIL from the customers

interten Purchased


i have just found out that the 80% of my subscribers have been auto unsubscribed, after i sent a newsletter (i have sent 3 more before the last one). Why is that happening?

In the info of my 3 newsletters i read that only 8 users unsubscribed, but in the list is over 80% unsubscribed…

Please inform me why is this happening.

Hi, Pls guide how to integrate the subscription form to our website, for example some@some.com Subscribe and email echos on the subscription form,