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Your script looks great, but I have a couple pre-purchase questions.

1. When the form is submitted, I need to send an immediate email to the person who submitted the form and also a notification message to our webmaster/admin? Can it do that?

2. Can I fully customize the email/autoresponder that is sent to the person who submitted the form. I have coded a responsive email template I would like to use. Can I insert the person’s name in the body of the email using a variable/merge tag?

3. Can I host the html with the form on one server and your PHP files on a different server? I may not be able to upload PHP files where the actual form will be.

4. I use another email marketing service that has an open API. Do you know if it’s possible for me to add additional code in your PHP files that will submit the data to my email marketing provider at the same time the form is submitted?

Thanks in advance!

alkedes Purchased

This product looks nice, but errors in regards to having images in the emails to be sent. Google proxy does not resolve for some reason, have tried testing multiple image formats: png,jpg,gif,bmp,tif and nothing shows up: Bugs in bug areas in regards to these as well.

54 05.03.2015 11:58 /fes/?redirect=aHR0cDovL3d3dy5teWhvdXNlYW5kbG9hbi5jb20=&task=c20ad4d76fe97759aa27a0c99bff6710&mail=e5e9e21/imagename.png

SELECT id,link FROM fes_statistics WHERE id_task = 12 AND id_mail_user = AND link = ‘websitenamehere.com’ AND link != ’’ AND link != ’#’ AND ip = ‘xx.xx.xx.xx’ LIMIT 1 No send You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘AND link = ‘http://websitenamehere.com' AND link != ’’ AND link != ’#’ AND ip’ at line 1


hi, I already have the information on this error. I’m working on fixing it