NETSA – GALLERY GRID is a web based application that will iterate through a folder on your server, create thumbnails and create a gallery grid of your images with the following features.

Release V1.3
New: YouTube, Create a gallery of YouTube video’s.
Fixed: Page counter.

Release V1.2
Fixed: Thumbnails not functioning when ne_ImagesEachPage is greater than 15.

Automatically iterate through a folder on your server.
Set the thumbnail image size or a ratio of the original image.
Set the thumbnail quality.
Set the padding between images.
Set the border radius of the thumbnails.
Set the animation speed.
Set the thumbnail border.
Set the thumbnail mouseover background colour.
Set number of columns to display on each page.
Set the slideshow width.
Set the slideshow height.
Set an option if slideshow is enabled or not.
Set slideshow interval.
Set number of images which are to be displayed on each page.
Set gallery position on screen (Left, Right or Center).
Set label position for each thumbnail (Top or Bottom).
Set label background colour.
Set label foreground colour.
Set each corner border radius for the label.
Set label height.

Thanks go to for the images, i’ve contained a set in the Gallery folder but they are not for resale and can be freely downloaded from the Wallcoo web page.

Thanks go to prettyPhoto ( for the slideshow support, saves me re-inventing the wheel.