NameBot whois lets you find whois data for a wide variety of domains. With additional SEO stats, website screenshots, and an admin control panel, it is one of the most fully fledged whois scripts. Simple and easy to use, have it up and running in minutes with little PHP experience. NameBot whois is also responsive and has been tested across most devices.

The ideal script for querying domain information!

Demo Website:
Result Page Demo:,,


  • Website ScreenShots
  • Google PageRank, Alexa Rank and Domain Age
  • Responsive Design
  • Comes with easy to use admin panel for managing your website
  • Set various options via admin panel
  • You get full source code include the admin panel
  • Views Counter
  • One Click Sitemap creation
  • One Click Data Refresh option for users
  • Clean Urls for better SEO
  • Option to set Custom SEO title, description and keywords in admin panel
  • What people are saying about NameBot Whois

    I need four words to describe this script: “perfect” and “easy to use” – Bukkit
    great script! got it working in under 10 mins – radforms
    Namebot is a great script and I am more than happy to recommend it to anyone who is looking for a script like this. meSingh has offered me great support so far and thank you for that. I give the namebot script two thumbs up. – Domains
    Excellent script, exactly what I was looking for! – yule
    Your tool is on my list of “must have things” – TenserD
    I love this script to bits.. And Google Loves it.. What a fantastic job you done.. Well done mate .. One of the best on codecanyon… :) 10/10 – theghost24

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    Change Log / Updates

    Update 2.2 (1/29/2013)

  • Bug fix for AlexaRank
  • Bug fix for sub-directory installation
  • Various updates in data.php and results.php files
  • .htaccess update to turn of magic-quote if enabled
  • Security updates for admin panel
  • Added support for .nl domains
  • Code Cleanup
  • Update 2.1 (1/16/2013)

  • Added support for .es and .fm domains.
  • Admin area bug fix
  • Update 2.0 (1/13/2013)

  • Database Integration – Data is now stored in database
  • Admin Area Added
  • Added support to add ads on 2 different places
  • Added option to create a sitemap with just one click
  • Update 1.1 (1/4/2013)

  • Bug Fix for .ly domains
  • Update 1.0 (1/1/2013)

  • Initial Launch
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