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Where can I find a list of short codes to input the subscribers name / email into the message?

I migrated my site to another url. how do I make it work for the new one. when trying to update, it says, purchase code already in use. You can disable to previous one if you like. Thanks.


no response?

Hello, I have some questions before you buy, I have a colleague who uses myMail, I’ve seen working and seemed very good, however he told me of a limitation, we would like to confirm, is the same email possiel be in two different lists ?

I have sent several mails to support@revaxarts.com without any positive response.

The activation code for the plugin is not working anymore. let me know what to do as i have my paypal transaction details.

Thank you

Unless I’m completely overlooking it, there seems to be a distinct lack of a list of the shortcodes for this plugin, which makes it very hard to create a newsletter. Where can I find a list of all the available shortcodes?


Also – when adding the most recent post as {post_content:-1}, it’s then not obvious how to create a similar shortcode for the link button…


Is there any way to add half columns of text to a newsletter, with an image above each?

rckmnx Purchased

Hi revaxarts. I am producing a brazilian website and for some reason your plugin wasn’t delivering the link on the email.

I went through every setting that I could, and now and I have found the problem.

on your pt_BR translate file, is described as follows:

You'll need to confirm your email address. Please click the link below to confirm. %s
Você precisa confirmar seu endereço de e-mail. Por favor, clique no link abaixo para confirmar. % S

I took a look around and I saw many more mistakes. I wouldn’t mind having to deal with some wrong or misleading translation, but I was lucky finding it out soon enough.

Please take a look at those, many people here (Brazil) tend to be way too soft when it comes to work.


I am very interesting in buying the plugin.

Before I have a question:

The e-mails are the responsibility of the server that is hosted on my site? I’ll have to have a hosting that supports sending multiple emails? I know many servers that block the site by sending SPAM, because the server rules.

Another detail:

In the demo of the plugin, including my e-mail list and did a test sending a campaign, but not received in my email. In the demo version, the email should come to my inbox?

Thank you!

I want to buy this but if it appears it’s no longer being supported… Anyone home?