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Webmaster tool:

If you want to make sure your websites are up at all times, then this program will help! It will monitor your websites and send you a text message and/or an email when there’s an issue. You can put all of your website URLs into the program and click one button to open all of them. When you minimize the app, it disappears into the taskbar but notification bubbles will popup if an issue arises. Check out the video above for a quick run through.

I’ve created a demo version that is available upon request.


  • Lightweight program that can run from anywhere with .Net 3.0
  • See if a site is down at a glimpse
  • Store an unlimited number of URLs
  • Bulk import using the WebsiteURLs.dat file
  • Auto refresh – this will allow you to leave the app open and it will check every website periodically.
  • Email – when a site is no longer Online, you can have an email sent to you.
  • Access time – show the amount of time it took to check the status.
  • Proxy Support – you will be able to specify a proxy server for each URL
  • User Agent Modifier – you will be able to specify a user agent for each URL
  • Referrer Modifier – a referrer string can be set for each website URL
  • Import/Export – easily import and export your sites and settings
  • Notifications – windows bubble notifications prompt you when there are issues with a site – makes a sound when a site is down too.
  • SMS Notifications – you will be able to receive text messages when sites are no longer online
  • Notification bubbles and sounds
  • Settings page – modify the settings with a breeze

Thank you macster, mfrimu and mcollins!

At first this app was missing a lot to be a tool for webmasters. With your suggestions and patience, this has become the best webmaster tool on CodeCanyon. Thanks for your support!


I put a lot of work into this application and will do everything in my power to help you with support. Please give me a chance to help you with questions/issues before giving it a low rating.


# v2.2.1 (Mar 10, 2013) 
- added IDN Domain support

# v2.2 - (Mar 07, 2013) 
- UI enhancements - right click, tool bar, settings page
- Backup/Restore options have been added
- Moved the data from flat files into Sqlite
- Added Referrer
- Added User Agent
- Added Proxy Support
- Fixed minor bugs

# v2.1 - (Jan 29, 2013) 
- Fixed minor bugs
- Added help link to the main form
- Updated documentation

# v2 - (Jan 19, 2013)
- Fixed bugs
- New Feature: Auto refresh, email, SMS, notifications, access time

# v1 (Jan 13, 2013)
- First release