Multiple Images per Variation for WooCommerce

Multiple Images per Variation for WooCommerce

Multiple thumbnails for each WooCommerce product variation

Easy image management for additional product variation images

Sortable product variation thumbnails

Beautifully presented WooCommerce image gallery.

Highly customisable WooCommerce product imagery

WooThumbs Review

WooThumbs – Multiple Images per Variation for WooCommerce allows you to assign images to particular variations of a WooCommerce product. As the user narrows down their product attribute selection, the images will change to reflect their exact product choice.

Version 4 comes with an all new options panel, allowing you to select image sizes, slider settings, zoom settings, lightbox settings and thumbnail settings.

WooThumbs is fully responsive, and has options to set the size after a certain breakpoint.

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v4.1.0 (08.02.2015)
[Update] Fix admin-ajax request when SSL is being used
[Update] TGM script
[Fix] Remove Mr. Tailor Images
[Fix] Fix admin delete image styles
[Update] Add additional images button to variations list only (not swatches)
[Fix] Link all variations fixed
[Fix] Admin styling of additional images

v4.0.9 (06.08.2014)
[Fix] Compatibility with Quickview plugin when on single product page
[Fix] Changed .loading class on wrap to prevent conflicts
[Update] Disallow TGM to be dismissed
[Update] Remove Redux demo link

v4.0.8 (23.07.2014)
[Update] Get the selected var as default if passed via the URL
[Update] Load more images by default

v4.0.7 (21.07.2014)
[Fix] Removed tgmpa_load_bulk_installer error

v4.0.6 (12.06.2014)
[Update] Added TGM for Redux, rather than including it in the plugin files
[Update] Added Bulk Editor for variation images (Additional images only)

v4.0.5 (11.05.2014)
[Fix] Only trigger WooThumbs if the image div is found

v4.0.4 (11.05.2014)
[Fix] Added missing "tabs" script for image slider

v4.0.3 (05.05.2014)
[Fix] Image fallbacks if variation has no image

v4.0.2 (24.03.2014)
[Update] Don't show thumb or bullet if there's only 1 image.
[Fix] Avoid reflux conflict in Virtue theme.
[Update] Added Alt/Title tags to images.
[Fix] Added a new trigger for show_variation in Virtue theme (and potentially other themes).
[Update] Updated to latest Redux framework.

v4.0.1 (20.02.2014)
[Fix] Fix Stack Size JS Issue on non product pages.

v4.0.0 (01.02.2014)
[Update] New Slider
[Update] New Zoom Effect
[Update] Responsive
[Update] Tonnes of new options

v3.0.3 (28.10.2013)
[Fix] Added a fix to check if the swatches plugin is active

v3.0.2 (28.10.2013)
[Update] Added some JS to trigger show_variation on page load, if it hasn't already happened
[Update] Made it so the images don't try and load again if the variation ID is the same

v3.0.1 (26.10.2013)
[Fix] Changed the zoom class to avoid conflicts

v3.0.0 (25.10.2013)
[Update] Removed the need for custom templates.
[Update] The full product imagery area is now replaced, to improve theme compatibility.
[Update] There are now 3 different layout modes to choose from; Lightbox, Slides, and Zoom.
[Update] The plugin now uses more effective AJAX methods.

v2.0.2 (14.02.2013)
[Update] Added a template for the WooCommerce Professor Zoom Extension.
[Update] Moved the callback to the end of the footer.

v2.0.1 (14.02.2013)
[Update] Compatible with WooCommerce 2.0
[Update] New way of managing additional images, to make it even more efficient for the admin user.
[Update] Easy to re-order additional images

v2.0.0 (10.12.2012)
[Update] Added an options page to allow for custom thumbnail containers, transition speed and a custom JS callback after thumbnails have loaded.
[Update] Allows for custom thumbnail template to be added within your theme.
[Update] Fully compatible with the swatches & photos plugin.
[Update] Extended theme compatibility.

v1.0.2 (30.10.2012)
[Fix] Removed flash of white after loader disappears
[update] Trigger fancybox after clicking "Clear Selection" 
[Fix] Removed errors when no images selected
[Fix] Minor bug fixes