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jeff01 Purchased

Hey Great work, really.

One quick question. I tried to register in your forum site, but it doesn’t accept my “Item Purchase Code” for some reason. So here it is.

How can I slow down the rollover animated jpgs? I created jpgs in photoshop and placed it in the “video” folder. But it’s animating way t o fast. Can you please tell me how I could slow it down?

Thanks again f or great work.

hi, I found: Mopho – Animated Jpeg Video Preview jQuery Plugin

I wanted to know:

1) does this script works everywhere? (on iPhones too)

2) how can I create the small videos that appear when I go over 1 of the small portions of the big pic?

3) how can I take a big picture (like the one of the woman, in your demo) and turn it into a “menu” that will include all the different small videos?

Thank you, Really.

Rotem Bor rotemmon@gmail.com


1. Yes it works on iOS (iphone / iPad) however seeings as there is no rollover state on touch devices the video only plays once the item has been clicked, and if the item holds a link, then it will need to be clicked again to activate the link. This is normal on iOS for hover states which make a change in the DOM . For other compatibility info see the sales page sidebar compatibility list.

2. Each video is actually an animated Jpeg image which you can make from a video source using a script we’ve made. (in the download package).

3. There is an example like that included in the download package (All css, html required to achieve it).


Hello, nice work.

I wanted to know if it’s possible to have one dead zone (or more) on the big picture or it necessarily to use all the surface?

Best regards


Hi, There is no built in option for this, but you could try to use CSS and to position an element above the animated image. This has not been tested though, so it may not work in all situations.


Is FFMpeg required? I already purchased it thinking it was an alternative to it because I have a shared hosting plan and it didn’t say it was required in your description.

Also, I don’t fully understand how the image is actually created?


ffmpeg is only required to create the animated image from a video, you do that once on your pc by using the provided script (which includes ffmpeg for windows)

Once the animated jpg is done, you upload it on your server and the script will not require anything else to work.


Oh I didn’t realize it wasn’t fully automated server site. I’m looking for a script to automatically create an image on either upload or dynamically to videos. Like youtube. My server doesn’t support ffmpeg.

Thanks anyway, it’s a great script at any rate.

I was trying to use the converter on my mac. I have installed the required software, but was not able to find the “makeVideo.Thumb.sh” file in the macosx0linux folder. In fact, the only files I found in that folder, was a tmp folder with the readme.txt file and a README.txt file.


PERFECT!! you guys rock!!

Hi, can I have it so when they click on the thumbnail animation, it brings them to another url, instead of displaying a lightbox? Thanks.

silvagno Purchased

bought the Mopho plugin for wordpress. I wonder how do I install the plugin on my wordpress and how the integration of pluguin on my server. thank you



mopho is a jQuery plugin not a WordPress plugin.

silvagno Purchased

you do not give support to its users? I have 2 unanswered post in the forum, I want my money back



Support questions are usually answered in 24/48 (Mon-Fri). However, question posted during weekends requires more time.

silvagno Purchased

but how can I integrate wordpress where I put the code of the plugin? I just want to make a video gallery.

Hi there

What a great plugin !

Is it possible to use Mopho with Pixelentity WP theme : Surreal ? or with any Pixelentity WP theme ?

Do you provide integration services for your plugin ?

As Mopho is a jQuery plugin, could it be cut and paste into a WP page using the HTML editor mode ? Or is it much more complicated than this ?

How much time is estimated to integrate in WP ?

Thanks for your attention Cheers Frédéric



since mopho is not a wp plugin, that would require quite some work, not only in the plugin but also the theme would need to be modified to use animating images.

Also consider the script isn’t responsive since it requires fixed width/height for the images.

Honestly, it would be very hard and require a lot of work so can’t really recommend it.

damirg Purchased

135KB (compressed) for a simple plugin? I need to use all this js files?



the plugin includes projekktor video player for self hosted videos. That alone accounts for more than 90k of minified js.

Can I make the thumbnails run without hovering over? Considering to buy it.


Hi, Unfortunately not without customizing the plugin’s source code.

fk73 Purchased

I have just bought Mopho but I can’t find the file makeVideoThumb.sh in the latest download.

Also I can’t download it under http://support.pixelentity.com/threads/118-Missing-conversion-script-for-macosx-linux-in-download-package

Could you please send it via e-mail ywh@gmx.de or send a link to download it.



File sent.

Hi..any plans to update this and is this still supported? Thanks..


Hi, No current update plans, but it is still supported.

Hi there,

Great idea!

Do you plan to create Wordpress version?

Thanks, Igor


(: and why not? so great idea!


Hi, We’re glad you like it. We stopped creating WP plugins quite some time ago, because they market was too small especially for little utility type plugins such as this would be. The amount of support requests generated from plugins was vast. Additionally this plugin is not suitable for responsive use, hence it would not be suitable for the majority of websites these days.


I understand you. Good luck with sales! And don’t forget about millions WP sites :)

rob_imx Purchased

Does the video thumb have to link to the video or can i link anywhere?


Hi, You can insert you own link to wherever you wish. Btw its not a video its an animated image.