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pmarval Purchased

Hello, me again. I figured it out… there wasn’t enough content shown in the rss example, so when I made a headline bigger, everything worked the way it should. In other words, no problems.

Ok, no problem. Glad to see that everything is worked out.


taztoo Purchased

Hi guys, just purchased and cannot get your script to work with one of the most popular RSS feeds in the UK: – Any ideas?


taztoo Purchased

Thank you for your quick support and apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I took your advice and adjusted the LoadType accordingly. I do seem to have issues with my last feed whereby the script is unable to translate. Would you mind casting your expert eye over this? I cannot get the script to read this at all.

The problem was that the Google processing service could not load the RSS file specified by the link. I made an improvement in the ticker JavaScript file to the way that the link is sent to the Google service and it is working well now.

I will update the JS file on the marketplace, but that will take a day or two. If you want it faster, please use the contact form from my profile page to send me a message to my email and I will reply with the new JS file that you can place in your files.

Thank you very much for fixing the issue the ticker is working great now!

Using the ticker to read an RSS feed on infoscreens. Have some issues:

The ticker disappears from the screen from time to time. Or it can disappear on screen 1 but run on screen 2. They are both showing the same content

Any ideas why this behaviour?

Thank you

Can you give me more information about it? Is the ticker running in a browser, is it running in an application?

It would be helpful if I would know more about how it is occurring so that I can try to recreate the problem and see what might be causing it.

A new update was implemented:

  • Improved the way RSS/Atom loading works.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some RSS/Atom urls not to work properly.
  • Added a new setting called “forceNoCache” to bypass loading cached RSS/Atom files, if needed.
  • Added console error messages for the “process” load type.

hello , unfortunately I thought it was a wordpress plugin and now I do not know how to use it on my website . How can I make it work on wordpress ? thanks

I’m sorry that you made this confusion. There have been a few people that have made the mistake of believing that all of the items on CodeCanyon are Wordpress plugins but that is not true. Plugins for Wordpress are only in the “Wordpress” section. In all the other sections there are different items. I specifically made a note on the ticker page, in the description, saying that the ticker is not a Wordpress plugin but a standalone item.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer you a refund as I do not control the payments on the site. You can try and contact the admins to explain the confusion and maybe they can help.

As for making the standalone ticker work in Wordpress, the only way is to create a Wordpress plugin using these files and that is not an easy thing to do.


choekstra Purchased


I like your news ticker, that’s why I bought. However I am running in a issue that I seem to be unable to solve. I would like to use this news ticker in googles blogger. I created the code as instructed, however it is not showing the news feed. It is showing the ticker it self just not the news feed. Any help is appreciated. If you send me an email address I can use, I can send you my code.

Best Regards,

Christian (NL)

Hi. Can you send me a link for me to look over? You can use the contact email provided with the files, .


chikalin Purchased


is ticker down? I haven’t touched my files in months and noticed it stopped display news. I downloaded again and the twitter sample was not working as well.

No, there is no problem with the ticker files. Most likely, it is something on your end. If you are loading an RSS feed, maybe there is a problem with the feed. About the Twitter sample, as is explained in the documentation, it needs to be configured with the authentication data from the Twitter API in order to work.

Like I mentioned, the problem that you are having is most likely something on your end. If you can give me a link to where I can take a look over the ticker, I can give you some feedback about what is wrong. You can either post the link here or you can send it over the contact email provided with the ticker files.


chikalin Purchased

Here you go

it was using the RSS feeds from Thanks!

The ticker at the link is working ok on my end. Are you still having a problem with it?