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I propose to let the user save different custom colors settings

Could we let collapse/expand arrow always visible for section in dashboard ?

I use rtl Wordpress last version and after i activate the plugin all items makes LTR and looks ugly. i read here that a theme are support rtl but is isn’t I neeed to immed. solve the problem becouse all my websites is on hebrew and rtl lan. Also open ticket on author support but no have reply yet/

Thanks! it will be today or in next days/weeks? e.t.c: You have very fast and exellent support i will advise your plugin to another my partners on wordpress development bussiness on israel

We see your post on our support forum We are working on the issue and feeback you asap

I’ve bought this Admin Theme in September 2014. But today I’ve found a issue with this. In the menu ‘Menu Icons’ and ‘Dasboard Settings’ doesn’t shows me the icons (only very short). I can send you a link to my dashboard, if you will. I don’t know whats the problem is. Can you help me?

Please submit to our support forum with some screenshots of your problem

Pre-sale question. would it be compatible with WP 4.1.1

never mind, i just read the change log file “Version 1.19 (February 28, 2015) fix for wordpress 4.1”

Hello, I sent an email and haven’t got an answer. For an odd reason this plugin hides my title bar entry space when Im creating a new post, adding a product etc. It shows up at first and then gets hidden disabling me the ability of having a title. I tried with all the plugins disabled and no luck.

Got it fixed with this #wp-content-editor-tools { background-color: #f1f1f1; padding-top: 20px; top: 45px !important << Added this line }

to modern-admin.css

and well is done thanks anyway


formad Purchased

Hi there, how to hide the modern admin menu for an adminstrator, so only visable for superadmin.

Thank you.

Please go to Users > Your Profile > disable Show Toolbar when viewing site

I would avoid this plugin. It broke the CSS for the editing page. I asked the plugin authors on their support page for help and haven’t heard back.

Please take some screenshots of bug css and send us via our support forum we will support you


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Just re-installed in my site and got this again Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_validate_auth_cookie() in /home/wkdcouk/public_html/wp-content/plugins/modern-admin/includes/pluggable.min.php on line 52

Please submit to our support forum Our developers will help you


Juon Purchased

Hit there!

Any problems with WP 4.2.x or is there an update coming up?

Cheers J.

The latest updated version works well with WP 4.1. We have not check with 4.2 yet. We will check and see if it is ok or not


Juon Purchased

Thanks a lot!

4.2.2 Crashes with your plugin currently

Hi, Please submit to our support forum. Our developers will help you


andzaaa Purchased

its works with 4.2.2 or not?

If you have any problem with 4.2.2, please post to our support forum We would like to check for you


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Can I get a response to my ticket please.

Thank you for your concern in our product. We replied your post already, please check.
Please understand the different time zone, that’s why we can not reply you immediately


seedcms Purchased

I do understand that you’re in a different timezone. Please check the amount of time I allowed for your response.

Posting timeline My original post was at Sun, 06/07/2015 – 08:45

Your reply was at Mon, 06/08/2015 – 01:20

I waited for your reply and then followed up at Tue, 06/09/2015 – 15:38

Ok. You posted on Sunday and we do not work at weekend. So, our rep was on Mon. We need time to check again our demo version, and it works fine, that’s why we ask you for some information to check. Please send us via our forum


pgnuk Purchased

Hi there,

Please can you confirm this works with 4.2?


We are very sorry for this inconvenience, please submit your issue or any questions to our support forum That is the best and fastest way for us to support customers. We will check the logo uploading function again. Thanks for your feedback

We check again with ver 4.2 r?i and there is no error as you report. Your problem may be because of conflicting with some certain plugins. If you need our support, please send us admin account and modern admin via our support forum. We will check and fix your issue

Little too late on your response, it is not a conflict as I disabled all of them to test that. your icons menus are all missing, upload button broken.

I have my refund from Envato.

Kind Regards

This plugin is riddled with bugs, not to mention slow customer support.

I went ahead and purchased another plugin from a different author that actually works.

Could you please tell us more about the bugs via our support forum so that we can check and fix it. That would be much appreciated

Hi, can this theme be installed in wp multisite?

yes, but we did not check with latest WP yet :)