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Hi I want to purchase this plugin, I just have one question: Is it possible to customize the menu listing, leaving out paragraphs like “media” and “comment!s”? Kind regards


No, you can change menu icon only. To customize the menu, you need to use another plugin :)

vexy Purchased
Hello, i am using the last version of wordpress with the last version of modern admin http://prntscr.com/3ouuxj but after install i get this errror on the WYSIWYG editor… http://prntscr.com/3ouuxj

please advise, thanks!

tested on chrome

hello, I have purchased the plugin with the envato bundle, how to get the licence key for updates? thank you.

oi… If you use Tablepress [ popular plugin ] and your plugin > i dont see any more tablepress link in menu.. if i deactivate your plugin i see it again :) .. what file i need to edit to grab both up :D

Can you change the left bar text?? like how you can with the admin bar? Besides the icons..


no, you will need other plugin to change left bar text :)

jmdesign Purchased


There seems to be an issue between this plugin and Visual Composer. When you try and “Select a URL” using visual composer a little pop-up window should appear with the standard Wordpress link tool however when modern admin is enabled this doesn’t work?



simonfau Purchased

Hi. Good job. But it seems editing posts screws up the screen and the buttons for text/visual are down the bottom of the screen and the post editor box is 1/3 of the screen and makes it impossible to do the most simple action – add a page/post.

We don’t have visual composer installed.

4.0 Support? Specially the TinyMCE Editor..


not yet, I’ll check and fix soon. Thank you :)


Thanks for your fast reply. i really love your theme and im hoping for some sweet updates :)

lochie Purchased

Hi there, after installing this (which looks amazing by the way) I encountered a problem with my admin panel. When I go to my theme section in wp-admin it is formatted differently now (ie padding of layout) and the pop up media ‘window’ doesn’t sit where it should and causes it to be impossible to use? Any idea how I fix this? I’ve spoken to the theme builder and they’re advising it’s not their issue, it’s the plugin at fault. Everything is fine when I deactivate the plugin.


please send me a message so I can help you to fix this issue :)

lochie Purchased

Hi I’ve sent you an email with the login details etc and although there was an error in the domain name, I corrected this yesterday and not had any reply to further emails. Can you please update me on these issues please as I’ve just uploaded the plugin to another site and it’s got similar issues.

Hello! Fantastic plugin! Little issue, when I’m in html editor and begin editing the whole screen wigs out and jumps around.

webbybrad Purchased

Is it Wordpress 4.0 ready yet? I would like to update my admin.




Brad, this is not ready for 4.0, we still working on it.