Modal Feedback Form for WordPress

Modal Feedback Form for WordPress

Our Modal Feedback Form for WordPress lets you easily add a feedback form to your WordPress blog – letting users submit feedback, and letting you view feedback + user information in your WordPress admin backend.

Its simple to get started – in most cases just activate the plugin and your ready!


  • Adds a ‘feedback’ button to your WordPress site
  • Feedback form appears inside a modal window/lightbox (powered by FaceBox)
  • Users can submit their feedback, email address, and mood
  • Optionally be alerted by email, and view feedback via the WordPress backend.
  • Capture the users IP address and user agent along with feedback.


  • Upload the ninety-feedback plugin folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin from the WordPress admin panel
  • Your ready! In the WP admin panel you will now see the ‘Feedback’ section.
  • From the feedback section you can view (and remove) feedback
  • From the feedback section you can also modify some settings (such as email notifications)

Feedback form not showing? Modal windows not working?

Most good themes contain the required wp_head/wp_footer hooks – if yours does not you will need to add them to your theme’s header and footer.php files.

Additonal Notes / Support

If you find a bug with this plugin please give us full details in the comments section on CodeCanyon. From here we will assist.

However, we will not assist with styling and customisation issues – this is beyond the scope of support and should be performed by a developer/designer.

The form is provided as-is so if you want to add new fields etc etc go for it! Read above, just don’t ask us for instructions because its beyond the scope of the contact form we provide :)

Change Log

= 1.2.0 – 07.12.2012 =
  • Full rewrite.
  • Fixed a few markup bugs.
  • Cleaned up the templates.
  • Use wp_ajax for posting.
  • Use wp list table for admin display.
= 1.1.1 – 09.02.2011 =
  • Required email bug fix
  • Small typo fixed
  • Option duplicate removed
= 1.1.0 – 05.02.2011 =
  • Added button text option
  • IE bug with form submit handler should be rectified
  • Option to turn off feedback button
  • Option to make email non-required
  • renamed is_ajax to prevent conflicts