Mobile Smart Pro – the top theme switching mobile plugin that allows you to manage your mobile-specific content and URLs.

Mobile-specific menus, disable plugins and widgets on mobile devices, domain switching, and mobile-specific versions of pages

Live demo at (compare site on desktop and mobile device).

Standard Features

Mobile Smart Pro offers all the features of the free Mobile Smart plugin including:

1. Mobile Device Detection: high quality mobile device detection

2. Theme Switching: switch to a mobile theme of your choice when a mobile device views your site

3. Footer Switcher: allow user to switch between mobile and desktop version (template tag or widget)

4. Tablet Mode: enable/disable switch for tablets such as the iPad and Android tablets.

5. plus developer features like template tags to allow developer to customise your theme to different devices, and a boilerplate ‘unstyled’ theme.

Premium Features

In addition, Mobile Smart Pro includes the following premium features:

6. Domain switching: redirect users to and/or switch theme when user arrives at (requires you to change some DNS settings)

7. Mobile Pages: mobile-specific rich text content on the same edit screen as your main content (works for all post types).

8. Mobile Menus: set up mobile-specific menus for simpler navigation

9. Mobile Plugins: disable specific plugins when a user views your site on a mobile device. E.g. disable caching plugins, or disable plugins that may slow your theme down.

10. Mobile Widgets: disable selected widgets when a user views your site on a mobile device through a checkbox on the widget in a sidebar slot on the Appearances -> Widgets page.