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Change log

Version 6 (lastest)

** Important Before Updating! **

I completely changed the Side Panel. Now is called like the other plugins. if you where using it in your project, please do not update until you change it in your developer machine with the new Sidepanel.

- New Metro Generator (version 3)
– Now, the generator can create every plugin and use all the properties added in version 5, and the new ones of version 6
- Bug fixes
- Totally renew SidePanel
– Side panel, now is called like a plugin
– Check the Metro Generator to understand the properties of the new sidepanel and new stuff – I was using that version from srobbin, but now I create my own, I hope you enjoy the new one.Version 6

Version 5
- Smallboxes now has animation before disappear
- New property for small boxes. Now, can change live the backgroun color
- Firefox sound now supported
- Esthetic changes on Big boxes
- Massive changes on Metro Messagebox, but functions and callbacks still the same
- New Metro Messagebox properties
- Opacity
- backgroundcolor
- backgroundcontent
- changeback
- changecontent
- Mayor updates to the loading plugin.
- New Loading Properties
- backgroundcolor
- backgroundcontent
- opacity
- colortime
- colors
- changeback
- changecontent

V 4.5 Update New property added to Small Notification, BigNotification, Messagebox and Inputbox.

sound: true/false

This property controls if you want to play the sound or not.

V 4.0 Update A Mayor update. This plugin is responsive now (except for the sidepanel, I’m working in that), but the other plugins are ready for mobile devises.
IE8 support… I was more complicated that I expected, but works in that browser. (Thank you MyOrange)

The changes are in the MetroNotification.js file and the CSS, backup your custom functions and styles, replace the previous files and then apply again your changes.

V 3.0 Update New Plugin available. Metro Loading. You can check in the live preview. There was a mayor updates, the css and js change, so back up you custom functions and then replace your files.

V 2.0 Update jQuery 1.9 ready. To update just back up the Metro Notifications file if you have some custom functions in it. Replace that file with the new one and paste your functions again

V 1.5.2 Update Now, you can set the MetroNotification.js file in the <head> section.

V1.5 First release