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Create responsive and filterable portfolios with ease on your website. Media Grid comes with masonry layout, is designed to adapt each portfolio to any situation and is mobile optimized for responsive themes.

News in 2.3 Version

100% multilanguage – the backend is completely translatable now. Plus it is WPML certified: create portfolios with multilanguage contents won’t be a problem anymore!

New slider – now you can count on a full featured, responsive slider with autoplay, thumbnails and much more

Items auto-height – Now you can set items to be auto sized in height and not cropping images in grids!

Finally: now the lightbox support touchswipe interactions, Google+ share button has been added and a search engine has been added in the grid builder.

(BETA – only for WP 3.6) Video items now can stream self hosted files through the HTML5 player!

News in 2.2 Version

Title under items – probably the most requested feature: in the shortcode wizard has been added the option to move the items title under the featured image!

Isotope implementation – to improve the filtering system, the standard masonry script has been replaced by Isotope (a premium 25$ script!). Now also filter many items won’t be a problem!

Finally, now you can enable the right click protection just switching an option in the plugin settings.

The 2.0 version

Media Grid has been completely enhanced, almost all the code has been optimized and many new features has beed added. Here’s the best ones:
  • Internet Explorer 8 compatibility: a completely revised structure and other fallbacks allow now IE8 users to enjoy your grids
  • Deeplinking system: now categories and items are deeplinked. But what does it means? Now you can link them individually!
    A brand new system will read the custom link and will execute automatically the filter or open immediately the item lightbox. See it on my live demo!
  • Thumbnail center wizard: with just a click now you can set the center that will be used bto crop the image. Your items thumb will always be precise.
  • Categories sorting system: up to now the categories were displayed as WP returned. Now there is a simple and fast system to set a numeric order value while you create them
And more: now the lightbox can be closed by clicking the background overlay, you can autoplay the mp3 player or the videos .. etc etc ..

News in 1.4 Version

AJAX support – The main feature of Media Grid is “display it where you want and as you want”, from this version you can also use AJAX calls to reach your goals!

News in 1.3 Version

Slider captions – one of the most requested features has been added to Media Grid. Set the images descriptions and decide if show them on captions. Simple and fast!

Improved media selector – Items per page have been added, making the image and tracks selection easier than ever.

News in 1.2 Version

Full-size image max-height control – You have vertical images that are rendering badly in the Media Grid lightbox? No problem, now you can set the maximum height and the resizing method. Your images will always be precise and clean.

Custom Content item type – Display only what you want in the Media Grid lightbox. With this item type you are free insert whatever in it, without being obliged to display an image or a video.

Spacer item type – Create spaces between the items in the grid. More flexibility, more grid design possibilities!

Socials – As requested ba many users, now you can also use facebook and twitter share buttons. Finally, each button has been designed specifically to fit the Media Grid lightbox layout.

News in 1.1 Version

1 click fast setup – You are not familiar with web sizes, margins or colours? No problem, now you can go in Media Grid settings and apply one of the 8 predefined styles at your grids. You have only to choose the style you like from the wizard and let Media grid do the rest. Once you’ve setted the style you can of course customize it: maximum semplicity and flexibility.

Live visual items resize – In the first Media Grid release you were tied to the items size and you can only sort them in the grid builder. Starting from now you can assign live any size you want in the grid builder and see the effects directly. Each item could have unlimited combination of sizesin every grid.

The grid builder UI also has been improved by adding small thumbnails related to each item. Forget wasting time going to review what image corresponds to the item title, now is easier and faster.

Items Media Manager – one of the weakness on the first version was the duty of going in the Wordpress media library each time you had to add new images for the galleries or tracks. From the v1.1 you will be able to manage media directly from the item page. Once you’ve finished, just close the popup and all will be updated in the media selector wizard.

Unlimited responsive portfolios

The plugin uses the latest CSS3 and jQuery tecnologies to adapt each portfolio to its container. No matter if is wide or short, the grid will be always displayed correctly.

Also in responsive themes, you can choose if use the automatic resizing system or set a relative width to keep the grid items always on the same size, they will be placed in the best way possible to ensure the best layout.

Full media support

Media Grid satisfy all your needs letting you create different types of portfolio. Each item can be
  • A simple static image
  • An image
  • An image gallery
  • A video (from Youtube or Vimeo)
  • An mp3 player with one or more mp3 tracks. Or also a Soundcloud track
  • A link

Unlimited options

One on the most important things in a portfolio is to display clearly the items characteristics. They could simply refer to the author of a photo or display the track’s album or release date.

With Media Grid you could create unlimited options for each item type, sort them and use only the ones needed.

Visual grid builder and shortcode wizard

Create portfolio grids and their layout is simple and funny. Through the visual builder you have only to create new grids, choose the items to use and sort them.

Each item will be displayed in the live preview with its proportions letting you see the final result.

Once you’ve created you’re grids, you can use them in your website simply using the Media Grid shortcode wizard on top of each page or post editor.

Choose the grid, if display the filter bar and if use the default resizing system or set a fixed width for the items.

Unlimited colors and layout

The strong point of Media Grid is the customization. You can adapt the grid look and feel as you want to fit with your website design.

Create unique grids using the sizing system: you can choose between a wide variety of sizes to apply to your items. They will be always calculated on the container width, so the aspect ratio of each grid item will be always the same!

You can customize almost everything in the grid design: colors, patterns, margins, border and shadows. Try out a demonstration of the customization possibilities in the live preview.

Finally in the settings you can freely customize everything using your custom CSS. You never have to lose time searching the grid elements, they are all listed in the detailed legend.

Walkthrough Videos

To make the plugin easy for everyone, the documentation comes with detailed videos explaining each step necessary to setup and use Media Grid:


Please note that, obviously, the plugin requires a responsive theme to have a responsive behaviour.


See the changelog here