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This looks like a great slider. Not sure how I missed it back in April. I have a couple of questions.

1.) Can I insert content from custom fields?

2.) If I use it as a WooCommerce slider am I able to link the slide changes to product variations so the the add to cart button adds the current variation being displayed? For example, if the user is viewing a green variation of a t-shirt when they click the add to cart button I want it to add the green t-shirt to their cart. Here is an example that shows the technique that I am referring to: http://goo.gl/4jdsDQ



Thanks for your kins words :)

1) Yes, you can display custom field values by adding {{THE_CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME}} in layer content.

2 ) Unfortunately it’s not possible.



Thanks for your reply. I played around with your demo and this is really nice slider. I really like how you have created the timeline GUI. As soon as I make a deposit I am going to purchase it this weekend.

One thing I do not like about the other sliders that I have tried is how they load the page when using a fullscreen slider. I hate it when I see elements below the slider load first and then get pushed down as the slider loads. When I tried your fullscreen demo I notice that it loads quit nicely. Is this a function of the slider or does this have more to do with how your theme is written?

If it’s the theme that causes this loading issue is there something that I can modify to make your slider load first?