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Hi Averta!

I’ve purchased oshin(oshine) wordpress theme that comes with the masterslider plugin. I can’t access to the support forum. I’m having difficulty on my masterslider in mobile. the alignment is quite off in mobile. Can you guide me how can it be exactly the same size in mobile? my website is www.edvinn.com/test as a test site. i’m currently making the website for my uncle’s company. please advise me.

thank you in advance!

HI there, I wan to copy some layers from one slider and paste those in another slider..can I copy entire slider and merge that in another slider? Either way it can work for me.. please help here

Buttons not working for me. Have this through “everything” wordpress theme, so can’t see support forum..any help?

Hi, I’m getting an error on importing sliders (Uncaught ReferenceError: __MSP_SLIDER_ID is not defined). What could it be? When I tried to create a slider it didn’t work either, the slides are there but they don’t work

I know you say “Since the WordPress media uploader does not support SVG files, MasterSlider does not support it either”, but when we enable use of SVG in WordPress, Master Slider still cannot use them when the rest of WordPress can… Is there any possibility you could point out what is stopping them from rendering even in the normal text content layer using the wysiwyg editor? Thanks

Hi, I got a problem with my website.

I’m using the background video slide, and it work fine on desktops, but on mobile device, video don’t show!!

As i can fix it? Thanks

hi! interesting plugin! I use the free version, and I’m thinking to purchase the paid version, I use it as a portfolio of photos and I don’t like that vertical photos appear full screen! is it possible to make only vertical photo had the same height as the horizontal, but have padding left and right? http://stephan-photo.com/test-s-masterslajderom
peppies Purchased

How do I stop items inside the admin slider settings to zoom in and out on selection like crazy when editing the slides? Annoying as hell.

Hi Averta! I’ve purchased Remix wordpress theme that comes with the Masterslider plugin. I’ve a big problem with iOS devices (iPhone 5/5s and iPad Air 2) because the onepage reloads continuously and at last the website crashes with an empty white page. I create a new page, adding elements one by one, and I find that there’s a problem of compatibility with your original “Sample 3D Flow Carousel” and Revolution Slider. The author of my theme helps me a lot but the problem is on your slider. How I can fix it? Thank you!

Why does the slider continually get a Downloading package from envato marketplace … Error on unzipping archive file ..


thanks kevin